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Babylu Aqua Nursing & Teething Necklace

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This handmade necklace will complete mommy's outfit and will become baby's favourite colourful toy. Babies love to play with mom's hair, necklaces, earrings, they love to taste them and hang on them, they enjoy poking in mommy's mouth, nose, face, they love biting. Babylu necklace is a great and unique solution for that! 
We have a passion to natural living style that's why all our necklaces are made of natural materials - unfinished juniper, beech, alder wood and 100% cotton.


  • They are handmade with love and care by a mom
  • The strong string is made of double cotton thread and the ends are attached
  • Length of the necklace approx 50 cm and it is adjustable.
  • The necklace can be washed in a soapy water. 
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