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Babylu Rainbow Bunny Bracelet & Teething Ring

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Who doesn't like soft colours of Aqua Rainbow? Sweet and gentle, these are the sort of colours that make me feel like being at the beach, breathing fresh breeze air, enjoying the sun and playing with sand. 
This handmade bracelet / teething ring will become baby's favourite colourful toy. 
We have a passion to natural living style that's why all our products are made of natural materials - unfinished juniper, beech, alder wood and 100% cotton. And they are handmade with love and care by mom. You don't have to worry that the bracelet will break because the strong string is made of double cotton thread and the ends are attached. 


  • Handmade with love and care by mom 
  • The bracelet can be washed in a soapy water.
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