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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

10 best summer activities for kids


With the kids on a break from school, they must be filled with enough energy and want somewhere to channel it to. While out of school for summer, you should put up some fun summer activities for the kids to keep them engaged in something for the summer. With these summer activities, your kids should be entertained and find their summer fun.

Camp Outdoors

With no doubt, most kids find camping very exciting. If camping at a far distance is not an option for you, consider bringing the camping atmosphere into your home in your backyard. Arrange the tents, put on campfires, be creative with games and rules, mouth a grill, and make the kids enjoy their summer.

Fish At the Lake

Fishing is considered a classic and refreshing activity that kids can engage in. Brush up with the required gear, and show your kids how it's done, as well as finding a perfect spot to cast. Ensure you go through the laws concerning fishing in your area, you might be needing a license as well.

Start A Rock Collection and Decorate

Speaking of summer activities, hiking is an extreme yet engaging activity that kids could engage in as well, so while taking your kids for a hike, have them pick up some rocks. With that, they can start a rock collection and decorate them with paints, or glitters as well.

Play Mini Golf

Dedicate a day during summer to any friendly sport your kids could engage in, such as mini-golfing. Make everything fair and seem easy so as for your kids to be caught up in the moment and enjoy the activity.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Fill balloons with water, have your kids come out to the garden, and have fun blowing up water balloons. Getting drenched by popping water balloons is a great way for kids to make the most of their summer. Have your kids engage in a friendly water fight with you or a trusted adult monitoring them closely.

Fly A Kite and Soak up a picnic

Drop by at a park with lesser trees with the kids, and enjoy the moment in flying a kite. Also, you might as well pack some snacks for refreshment to enjoy the picnic.

Visit the Beach

With the amazing summertime, it is clever to drop by at the beach with the kids. Let your kids engage themselves in water activities at the beach with your supervision. Engage in other various activities at the beach with your kids, build sandcastles, and be present in the moment.

Go Nature

Teach the kids the difference between wet and dry waste products and recycle, or reuse them as well. Teach them how to care for a garden, plant seeds, and water them, etc.

Start an Art Project

Let your kids make works of art, or paint on the lawn during summer. Provide them with washable paints and colorful chalks to explore their artistic side early enough. With that, your kids could create masterpiece paintings, art galleries, and be occupied during summer.

Try Out Cooking

Cooking is an exciting activity that kids would love to engage in as it's all about experimenting, and kids love anything experimenting. Set up kid-friendly cooking recipes such as cookie making, pancake making, etc. Kids having a feeling that they are eating what they made themselves makes them extremely happy and feel productive.


With any activity you decide to let your kids try out, ensure that you or a trusted adult is around to supervise the kids to avoid getting into trouble or hurting themselves. It's summertime, all that the kids should think of is fun! Provide them with options to choose from, and let the kids make memorable moments out of their summertime.

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