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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

10 Preschool Critical Thinking Activities My Preschooler Loves

10 Preschool Critical Thinking Activities My Preschooler Loves

Critical thinking is a vital skill that helps kids analyze information using creativity and logic. Preschoolers are at an age where their imaginations and reasoning skills need to be stretched and improved. And the best way to achieve this is with cool and fun games.

Here are a few activities that you could try with your kids;

1. I Spy

I Spy is a game that entails spying/looking out for objects based on colors, sounds, and other descriptive clues. So you could say "I spy with my little eye something brown that moos" and it will be a cow.

2. Guess What I Have

Test your kid's ability to think critically with the guess what I have game. All you need to do is place both hands forward, hide a toy behind, and give them clues about it, and have them guess.

3. Good Idea/Bad Idea

Pick up two of your kid's favorite toys and put on a show with them. Create a show with the toys and allow your kid to guess the outcomes of their actions. For each phase of the show, ask them if the actions are a good or bad idea.

4. Build a Story

Building a story is a creative way to improve thinking and language development. It entails adding layers to a story. For instance, you can say "The girl went to school and," your kid will say "she was excited." And you keep building it up.

5. Rhyming Game

This game entails having your kid say words that rhyme with the first word. This can help with auditory perception. So, you can start with the sentence "I see a rat" and your kid will respond "I see a cat."

6. Cloud Stories

This is a fun and relaxing activity that is perfect for bonding and learning. Simply take your kid outside and make out pictures in the clouds. Afterward, ask your kid to create a story with them.

7. Food Tasting

Children have a strong opinion about food and they have a love/hate relationship with it. Take out two meals your kid loves and hates and ask them why they like or hate it. Then take out a new one and let them predict if they will like or hate it.

8. Go On a Picnic

For a picnic, give your kid the opportunity to pack the items that you need to go with. However, they need to explain why certain items are necessary and unnecessary.

9. Working In Groups

Having kids work in groups can be tedious because you can lose their attention quickly. Group activities like gardening or cooking are a great way to help kids think critically. This is because they get an idea of doing the same activity differently.

10. Try the "Is It True?" Game

This game is easy. Simply ask your kid a question that starts with "is it true…" You should then ask them the reason why they believe their answer is true or false.

Keeping your kids busy with fun activities is a great way to improve their critical thinking skills. Try out the activities mentioned above for the most effective ways to enhance your child's thinking skills.