5 Exciting At Home Activities For Pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant comes with a lot of excitement and worry at the same time because the nine-month journey comes with various hormonal changes, mood swings, feeling sick and irritated often, etc. With the COVID 19 pandemic and the stay home policy, things can get really difficult for a pregnant woman. However, staying home does not necessarily mean you have to sit and relax without engaging in any exciting activities.

There are various activities that a pregnant woman can get involved in while staying safe at home, hence you can simply say you're staying safe and keeping fit at the same time. Keeping fit should be a priority for pregnancy and you don't need to visit the gym as it may not be too safe for you hence, below are a few activities that can be carried out from the comfort of your home.


One amazing activity that one needs to engage in during pregnancy is yoga. Yoga is an activity of the mind and it helps you relax and clear your head of any negative thinking. All you need is your yoga mat for pregnancy and you are good to go. You can decide to practice the cow cat pose which helps relieve you of any back pain and also your abdomen, you can also decide to do Kegels that help in relaxing your muscles and keeps your pelvic healthy against delivery. However, you can decide to just sit on your yoga mat for pregnancy, take a deep breath and meditate. Forget about anything around you and let your mind relax, you will be surprised at how light you feel after the exercise. You can make it a morning routine.

Take a walk

You can do this at the back of your home or just take a stroll down the street and back to your home. It energizes you and the fresh air is needed every now and then to keep your sanity intact. Walking helps you feel lighter and if you are the kind with swollen legs during pregnancy, walking helps control the swelling.

Read a book

Read interesting books that can take negativity far from you. You can opt for a religious book or a pregnancy book, just read something that can lift your spirit and help you to get the fact that you are at home. When you get to read meditative books, it enlightens you and helps you stay positive all through your pregnancy journey.

Weight training

Who says a pregnant woman cannot lift weight? Well, it doesn't have to be the very heavy dumbells, the light hand dumbell will be okay for a few weight training exercise. When you engage in the weight training exercise, you get relieved of joint pains, back pain, lose pregnancy fat, as well as build your stamina and help you carry on with your pregnancy journey stronger.

Play the board games

Why do you feel bored at home when you can simply play board games with your family? Board games like chess, scrabble, or puzzles can be very interesting and time-consuming, it keeps your mind very active and engaged.

Staying home during pregnancy doesn't have to be boring because there are loads of activities that can be done during your time at home. However, you need to seek advice from your doctor before engaging in some exercises so you don't harm yourself. Furthermore, the activities listed above are friendly for pregnancy and it keeps you very strong and active.