Who says that COVID has crippled learning for both kids and adults? Well, COVID did a lot but nothing close to irredeemable. Many parents and guardians are almost giving up on the educational recession that COVID has brought. But before throwing in the towel completely, you might want to look through these five ways learning would be fun and productive for your kids.

1) Suspend the screens

The sudden shift that COVID brought to learning has increased the number of time kids spends using their phones. Some in the pretence of attending one zoom class or the other have exposed themselves to the wrong site. So how then can you curb this? The first step is by suspending the screens and engaging in manual learning. This can never go wrong and will always be fun all the way. Let them use their hands to create something fun like a maze or pop-up books or even floor puzzle for kids. With these engrossing games, the screens will be dusty in no time.

2) Make them learn new skills

Learning doesn't just stop at equations or theories but it transcends to other areas. During this time, they can also take up new skills like learning how to play the piano or any other musical instruments they find fascinating. They could also sign up to add chess or scrabble to their skills. Likewise, they could learn how to write creatively or even to code since they now have plenty of time for that.

3) Change the learning space

Everybody gets tired of monotonous activities so you might have to spice it up a little bit by changing the learning space. You could either take your learning outside or you rearrange the room to make it have a feel of difference. With this, your kids will respond better and learning will be fun.

4) Make a fun time-table for them

This might sound stressful but your kids will definitely enjoy every bit of it. You might even keep the time table to yourself so that your kids won't know what is the next thing except you tell them. The time table should also include reading to encourage their reading and learning skills. By doing this, you will be able to avoid monotony in your activities.

5) Let them learn with others

Since they can't go out, the only way they can learn outside their home is virtually. All you need to do is to enrol them in online classes that will keep them engaged and competitive. Remember to check out the online classes carefully and the break down of activities, they have planned out. You could also sign them up for classes with your friend's children and make sure to monitor them online.

No doubt, if you follow these tips, your kids' IQ will not just be on top but will be enviable. Take these tips and add any other interesting ones that will help your kids and make every moment fun.