Worried about all those commercial skin care products out there in the market?? Not sure which one to choose?? Does the ingredient list scare you?? Rest assured... We have tried, tested & handpicked some of the vesy best organic skin care essentials for your babies!!

 Our philosophy is simple - If we would use a product for our own baby then we stock it, if we wouldn’t then we don’t!

 1. Four Cow Farm

This one is most defenitley on top our list!!! Ask us why? .... 

  • Their ingredirent list aint so scary :)!!
  • All their products are Organic and Natural!!
  • They are Scent free.
  • Their products work wonders in cases of harsh rashes and breakouts! (Make sure to try their Calendula remedy; one of our personal favourites!!)


2. Nature's Baby Organics

This is a new range that we have been loving!! They have a variety of products and at times it becomes difficult to narrow down on the one you would want to go with!! (Being a lavender person, their lavender line has been stacked into my closet :)!! Especially the bubble bath.... the girls cant get enough of it!!) Why we love them??

  • They have an amazing texture and feels great on your babies skin!
  • No nasties in their ingredient list.
  • Their soothing sticks are great for chapped lips & dry skin ( We have our mommies smearing them all over their face during winters :)


3. Tiddle-Pom

This is the most recent addition to our list of favourites!! To begin with, we love their tag line, "Developing Baby's senses with aroma therapy, music & massage" !! Why we love them??

  • They have the greatest massage oils for babies in a convenient spray bottle!!
  • This natural vegetable carrier oils imparts a host of naturally derived vitamins including gamma linoleic acid, omega 6 and other fatty acids essential for healthy skin.
  • They having amazing audio cd's with the most soothing music for bubs and a stressed out mommy!! 


 We are constantly on the look out for authentic, organic skin care products!! Watch out for our new additions!!