First Breastfeeding

My friend once told me - “I expected the labor pain to be the worst, only to realize that it was nothing compared to the pain and fuss that was in store for me while breastfeeding him”. Is breastfeeding as hard as rocket science? Well technically, it is not!. Every pregnancy is different, just like how you and I are different. On that note, breastfeeding may be a cakewalk for some, but may turn out to be a real nightmare for some. It all depends on how patiently you figure it out.

Birthing a child is a miracle in all its fullness. Breastfeeding is yet another magical experience, though it involves a tad bit of pain and panic in the beginning. The fact that your body all of a sudden develops the power to produce food to sustain another tiny human is nothing short of magical. How much more beautiful would it be if you enjoy the process, and figure it out along with your baby? So here are a few tips to figure it out the right way.


Be equipped

Antenatal classes give you a heads-up about what to expect throughout the pregnancy period, during the labor and even after that. It also introduces you to the technique of easy breastfeeding. Getting tips and training from professionals will help you get equipped to breastfeed like a pro with less jitters once you have the baby.


Keep calm and do it together with the baby

Some new mothers may tend to get all nervous and freak out when feeding the baby goes wrong in the first attempt. The thumb rule is, relax and be patient. You may not figure everything out on the very first day, and it’s completely okay. Your baby and you are a team here and all you need to do it is to team up and figure it out with the baby patiently, while doing away with all the panic and fuss.


Find the right position

Right position is equally important for you and your baby while breastfeeding. Make sure your hands and elbows do not feel any pressure while holding the baby. Use pillows to support the baby. A 45 degree posture may suit for an ideal posture. Raise your knee and rest your feet on the bed so that your legs make a great support for the baby and your hands. Make sure that you give enough space for the baby to move his hands and feet, hold his head facing your breast and allow him the space to explore and latch on to the nipple.


Baby’s mouth should be opened wider


If it hurts while feeding, it means the baby has not opened his mouth fully while latching on. Get the baby to open his mouth wider and cover a major portion around the nipple so that the milk ducts around your nipple can function even more actively. Do not let him to latch on only to the nipple as it will not give him a good feed and it can also cause you pain.


Have enough nursing dresses in store

As a mother, always bear in mind that comfort and convenience should come first for you. Avoid wearing clothes that cause you inconvenience while feeding the baby. Use soft nursing dresses that are front open to make it more easy and convenient. You could find nursing dresses in any maternity/baby shops or you can even buy a nursing dress online with better offers and varieties.


For babies, breastfeeding comes naturally as an instinct to latch on to his mother’s breast and start sucking. But in certain cases, he may take time to figure it out, leaving you clueless about what to do about the situation. Relax! Most of the mothers would have been there at least once. All it takes to embrace this magical experience is to take it slow and figure it out patiently with your baby, while knowing that you are amazing enough to be birthing and feeding another human! So go buy nursing dresses online to prep yourself up to have a happy breastfeeding experience.