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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

How To Make Traveling With Your Baby A Breeze


Remember the days when you could travel like a free soul? Waking up one fine morning with the epiphany that something adventurous is in store for you in Bali, booking tickets on a whim and traveling on a shoestring budget just like that with your friends? You can't travel and have fun once you have a baby - said no one ever! True that traveling with a baby demands planning and preparation, and a major invasion of your privacy and me-time. But once you get a hang of it and figure out what works for your baby while traveling, let me assure you that it will turn out to be some of the priceless memories that you would want to relive over and over again. So what does it take to make traveling the world with a baby an easy peasy adventure? Read on!

Plan, plan and do more planning.

Well, when you are a parent, you can't pull off a Phoebe Buffay and say, I don't even have a plan. The key to a stress-free tour with the baby is planning. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many days do you mean to live there?
  • Which places are you going to visit? Are they baby-friendly?
  • How will the weather be at the destination?
  • What kind of clothes should you carry for the baby considering the weather?
  • What kind of transport are you going to use there?
  • Will the hotel provide a baby bassinet or should you be buying a baby bassinet before you set off?

Keep Baby Food In Store

You may be already excited about the variety of cuisine that is in store for you at the destination, but your baby doesn't care whatsoever. She may not really like the taste of any baby food apart from the one that you are giving her now. If you decide not to carry the baby food assuming that the same brand of baby food will be available in the country that you are traveling to, you could get disappointed. So have enough amount of baby food in hand to avoid such a situation.

Watch out and get the right vaccinations.

Doing thorough research about the place you are traveling to is extremely important. You never know, the place could be going through a phase of the outbreak of diseases. Make sure that you get the baby-appropriate shots to be on the safe side. If you already have friends there, talk to them. Be updated about the place by keeping track of the news about the place.

Carry A Baby Bassinet

Ideally, you should call the Hotel you have decided to stay at and check if they provide baby bassinets. Some hotel rooms may not have a bassinet for the baby to sleep on. Buying a baby bassinet from the destination may be expensive and a waste of money. Considering this, it is wise that you carry your own baby bassinet. If you do not have one already, there are varieties of baby bassinets available online and you could even buy a baby bassinet online.

Entertainment For The Baby

Parents, do not forget to carry her favorite toy or book before you set off. Carry enough toys to keep the baby distracted and entertained while you watch that beautiful sunset at the beach or sip a glass of wine under the stars.

Taking the baby out into the world and exploring the various wonders in the world is just beyond beautiful. You get to see the world through the baby's eyes - the mighty mountains, the deep blue sea, the chirping birdies to crack up the fascinated little baby and much more. Let nothing hold you back from exploring the world with your baby, for these could be just the beginnings to her life as a traveler who is yet to explore the world and conquer mountains!

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