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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Why Mommies In The UAE Are Loving The Mimijumi Bottle



From Our in-house Mommies:

Heading back to work after your short maternity leave?? Baby not switching to a bottle?? Does it break your heart to think that she is going to starve when you are at work???

Worry no more!! mimijumi is here!!! Say goodbye to nipple confusion!! 

Mommies in the UAE have been loving the mimijumi!!!

The mimijumi resembles the mommy breast in shape, texture and color! They also have a slight expansion at the end of the teat!! (As in the case of the natural breast due to the pressure of the milk, during breastfeed!) This helps the baby to transition to bottle feeding easily! (A nightmare for many mothers!!)

Mommies can come back from work and continue breastfeeding without having to worry if her baby will refuse her nipple or not! mimijumi makes it easy for the baby to move easily between breast and bottle. The baby can use the same latching on and sucking action learned at the breast!

mimijumi bottles are made from the highest standard Grimaldi nylon and hence no worry of any seepage!

mimijumi nipples are made from medical-grade, food-grade silicon! The anti-slip bottom comes as a great help to mommies who are mostly single-handedly preparing the bottle feed!!

mimijumi is here to stay!!! mimijumi is here to help our breastfeeding mommies!!!

From the makers of mimijumi:

"The innovative nipple design on mimijumi baby bottles replicates a mother's breast all the way down to pores on the skin, creating the most natural feeding and latching experience for a happier and healthier bottle-fed baby. Bold colors and soft textures are combined to give mimijumi baby bottles a distinctive, eye-catching appearance. Also functioning like a breast, the non-free-flow nipple design means your baby has to actually latch onto the nipple and suckle in order to produce the milk. These elements combined replicate breastfeeding and provide the most natural bottle-feeding experience possible.

mimijumi baby bottles are easy to open and clean and are top-rack dishwasher safe. Our unique integrated venting system means it is anti-colic and anti-gas, and our bottles have a skid-free base for those hard one-handed refills. All mimijumi baby bottles and parts are produced in Austria with the highest quality standards to protect your baby, and all bottles and parts are BPA-free, Latex Free, EA Free, totally toxin-free and exceed all Australian safety standards. Coming in 2 sizes, The Very Hungry Baby Bottle and Not So Hungry Baby Bottle, mimijumi baby bottles are the Next Breast Thing. Join us on this remarkable journey."

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