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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

All About Digital Pregnancy Test


Are digital pregnancy tests accurate? There is a claim that 99% of the time, it is accurate. The answers depend mostly on your urine and some external factors. Home pregnancy tests are easy to do, this is because the test kit is sold at pharmacies or grocery stores. It is also equivalent to the urine test done at the doctor’s office but this time without the crowd at the waiting room.



A digital pregnancy test is dependent on the timing. It is best to take a test after missing your period. The embryo implants in the uterine wall are responsible for the hCG (pregnancy hormone) in the body. the body takes about six to ten days after fertilization to produce enough hCG that will come out positive after a pregnancy test. The hCG level is low during the first few days of conception, this is why it is advised to run the test days after the first one when you get a negative. Three weeks is enough time to get an accurate result from a digital pregnancy test as long as you are using it properly.



To get an accurate test result from a digital pregnancy test, test in the morning because there is more hCG in the morning urine. Don’t drink water before testing as it dilutes the hCG in your urine. Read the back of your test kit before using it. Make sure you are not using an expired product or one that has been exposed to the sun as it can give a false negative.

Digital tests can give an accurate result six days before you miss your period. It is sensitive and captures early levels of pregnancy. It is better to know your pregnancy status early, it promotes healthy pregnancy choices. Digital pregnancy tests are preferred because of the speed, cost, convenience, and sensitivity. The results come up in a minute or tops, three minutes. The results are also easier to read.

The only difference between a digital pregnancy test and the one done at the hospital is that the digital kit cannot determine how far gone your pregnancy is. It is advisable to call a doctor or midwife when your result comes in positive.


Pregnancy results can cause an emotional roller coaster. The Clearblue digital pregnancy test kit has a 99% accuracy from the day your period is expected. A home pregnancy test saves you the long wait at the hospital. Go digital with your home test today!

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