How to Tackle Baby Skin Problems

We all know that babies have the best skin. That being said, baby skin demands extra care and protection. They are prone to more skin problems than an adult would be prone to. As a matter of fact, all skin problems need not be fretted over but some, really need to be handled carefully and taken seriously enough to seek professional help. The best way is to care for your baby’s skin the right way to avoid any sort of skin problems. Here are a few tips to help you know your baby’s skin and care for it the right way.


Exposure to Sunlight

It is commonly believed and suggested by the doctors that a baby has to be exposed to early morning sunlight, preferably between 7am and 9am. This is to facilitate him the reception of vitamin D. However be very careful about the rest of the day hours when the sun can be too harsh on the skin. Make sure to cover the baby using an umbrella, towel or a hat to protect his skin from direct exposure to the sun. The rays can be harsh on the baby’s skin which can further cause dangerous skin problems.


Use of chemical free baby skin care products

Always make sure that the skin care products used on the baby are chemical free. Baby skin is really gentle and may not agree with all the products. Baby cream is inevitable to keep his skin moisturized but make sure that you use organic skincare products for newborn. Anything else could do damage to your baby’s skin. Read the ingredients of the cream before you let it be in contact with his skin.


Use of Diapers

When you have a baby, it goes without saying that you will spend a fortune on buying diapers. All they do at this point is drink milk, pee, potty, repeat. The bitter truth is that you cannot afford to be lazy and procrastinate changing his soiled diaper. This could cause rashes on his gentle skin, and make it worse for the poor infant. To avoid this, always make sure that you change the diapers as soon as you realize that it is soiled. Before you wrap the next one, wipe the area with a damp cloth and leave it open for a few minutes. There shouldn’t be any moisture left before the next diaper goes around. This can help you make your baby stay away from diaper rashes.


Keep the clothes clean and dry

Ideally, you shouldn’t be washing the baby’s clothes along with other clothes. Wash them separately, preferably, hand wash them using mild soap or shampoo. Be careful about where you hang them to dry. It would be wiser to iron the baby clothes to make sure that there are no insects stuck accidently on any part of the cloth. Change his dress immediately if milk or any kind of food fall on it. It is better to maintain complete hygiene rather than rushing to the doctor in the eleventh hour.


Bathing the baby

It is not necessary that you should give your baby a bath everyday when he is too little. Sponging her with plain water should do the job. Make sure that you apply a baby skin friendly moisturizer or lotion to keep his skin moisturized post bath. This can also be done whenever you feel that his skin is getting dry. But be very careful about what kind of lotion or moisturizer you apply on his skin.


It is quite a task to take good care of the baby and protect him from falling sick. But it is easier if you know the right thing to do at the right time. You may not realize it but you are becoming a pro when it comes to baby care as you are learning it the hard way. Stay updated and we will help you conquer this herculean task called baby care. You are not alone in this!