Breast Cancer - Tips to Lower Your Risk

Breast Cancer – these words are never attributed to good news, and as women, you have the right to be worried. Many factors built-up overtime contribute to your high risk of breast cancer. While some cannot be changed like family medical history to cancer and age, there is good news.

Despite the very many scare that comes with any type of cancer, including breast cancer, newer ways to lower the spread are taking shape. Yes, chemo is never a good feeling, but cancer does not have a cure. So what are you doing to lower your risk of the disease?

Be Fit

The words speak for themselves, and for many women, weight is a dire and sensitive issue. The goal is not to burn fat per se but to keep moving and build active antibodies and an immune system. Whether you choose to exercise at home or outdoor, there are lots of fitness items for women on the market. Being overweight is a viable surrounding for cancer cells to grow and multiple. So when you are done reading through this article, make a keep-moving plan and stick to it.

Reduce the alcohols and cigarettes

Have we not heard this a million times? A glass of wine does better things in the body than a bottle of alcoholic drink and cigarettes. Several studies have shown a correlation between breast cancer and the high consumption of these two compounds. As you grow older, limit or stay away.

Check your food choices.

Our food choices have always been the root cause or cure to the many ailments we suffer. The link between breast cancer and food is still blurry. However, it is good to have a healthy diet, as you grow older. Add more organic and fresh foods to your plate and reduce processed and packaged food.

Know your tissue type

If you have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes or have dense breasts, you are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer. Knowing the status of your breasts can be the saving grace to full-blown cancer. Furthermore, dense breasts make it harder to detect cancer cells, as only tests will determine what needs to be done next.