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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Celebrating the School Resumption with the Students

Celebrating the School Resumption with the Students

The aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown woldwide has seen the gradual reopening of society. This move also  brought about the reopening of schools and now there are millions of students preparing to resume for the winter session of the 2020/21 school year. Although we might have a different procedure from what we've always had, as we'll want to maintain social distancing while ensuring that the spread of the virus is curtailed. it's still better to resume school with an event that could make the kids forget the trauma suffered during the pandemic.

  Here are the events that could be used to soothe the kids and make them fully prepared to start schooling

Hold a welcome back party

Allow the kids to come to school with their best dress and have fast food while they get to dance to their favorite music. However, ensure that they use a protective measure such as the reusable cloth facemask from pikkaboo to avoid the spread of the virus amongst themselves.

Make learning a little bit better by getting fun-filled stationery

Your students will find it more enjoyable when the school supplies and stationery are fun-filled. Therefore, you should pick the best pictorial representation of either a famous musician or their favorite superheroes. The kids would be happier when writing with their role models. If it's easier for you, you should have the stationery made to suit the interest of the kids, particularly after asking them individually.

Make a better goal list for the kids

You could ditch the last goal and reward system in place for the kids, and help them set up a better one that could encourage them to study very hard. You could set up the commendation list, whereby the names of the top ten best kids in each class would be recorded and awarded an ideal gift or accolades. This would spur the kids to focus more on their studies.

Encourage Educational discussion between them

Kids like when they are encouraged to talk freely from their minds. Therefore, give them the medium to always talk about their favorite school period, subject, and teacher. Listen to their worries, and help them solve every book-related issue, as they would feel more valued, which will push them to exploit their full potential in school.

Improvise on their meal

Food goes a long way in assuring kids of your love for them. You could try a new recipe that they have always wanted to eat and promise to make more for them when they focus more on their school works. You could also put them in their lunch bags, which will encourage them to go to school and survive to the lunch break to taste the prepared delicacy.

Make your old household tradition more interesting

Every household has a practice they've always had, and such practices should be made more attractive. Tell the kids to read certain books for you, while you correct them, and instruct them on what their future ambition should be when they grow old. Every kid love fantasizing about growing old.

If you could introduce the points mentioned above to your kids, you will discover that they have grown more dedicated and brilliant, as every kid enjoys having a target they are aiming to reach.

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