Easy to Prepare Meals for Toddlers

All parents can attest to not wanting to cook on some days. Days like those when you feel tired, want to sleep in or go out with a partner, maybe friends. On days as such, you may feel like heating up something stale from the refrigerator and sometimes, the accompanied guilt can be heart wrenching. Times like this are inevitable and no matter how hands-on you are, some days we just tend to drop the ball.

As a parent to a toddler, meals are not just fed to douse hunger, nutrient density is considered as well. This is why these curated meal ideas will serve as quick meals that are nutritious, and can serve you and your toddler in extremely short notice.

  1. Beans Porridge: You may be thinking beans and quick in the same text? Not a chance, right? Well with this quick meal, you will be needing just bean flour and other condiments of your choice. Preferably, keep it simple. Pour some water in a bowl, let it simmer, add the ingredients available, turn a spoonful of bean flour to paste and add to pan or pot. Let it simmer for 4 minutes, then serve.
  2. Avocado and banana puree: You will be needing two fingers of bananas and half an avocado. Unpeeled avocado and bananas, place in a bowl. Then use a fork and turn it to paste. It is ready to serve. You may decide to add an egg yolk for that added punch of protein and healthy fat.
  3. Peanut butter sandwich: Here is another meal idea to make your life easier. You will be needing, a few slices of bread, depending on your child’s preference. Cut out the sides, add peanut butter spread, any other filling of your choice and serve.
  4. Bean pancakes: The idea of quick and easy is relative, however we trust that you will align with that which favours you. With bean pancakes, you will be needing 1 cup of bean flour, an egg, one tablespoon of vegetable oil, one tablespoon of baking powder, half a tablespoon of sugar, and a cup of milk.
  5. Yoghurt and nutty banana bread: This can only be considered if you have some nutty banana bread available. Cut up a slice, add a scoop of yoghurt and serve.
  6. Fruit mash-up: Slice up some carrots, add some grapes, cut up some apples, add some avocado slices and serve.
  7. Cereals: is another uber quick meal that can be served to a toddler. To make it more nutritious you can add some fruit slices as a side.
  8. Oatmeal: This is quick and nutrient packed. It can be served with dried fruits and nuts.
  9. Smoothies: There is a saying that, if your toddler can not eat it, then they can drink it. There is a variety of smoothies available to experiment with. All you need do is make a choice based on the available nutrients you have at home and serve. Good thing about smoothies, they are fun and versatile. So feel free to ride with your creativity and availability of items at home.
  10. Shredded chicken and yoghurt: All you need to do is shred your cooked chicken, add some yogurt and serve.

These are very quick and nutritious meals that can aid you when you are in a rush. Feel free to be creative about them and add your personal touch.