How to Care for Your Older Children While Breastfeeding

Even in a situation where the older sibling knows mommy is bringing home a new baby, there is always the feeling of abandonment felt by the older child. As a mom, do not let your older one's attitude affect you, it is time for some one-on-one conversation.

Children can be very jealous, and when a newborn comes into the mix, the atmosphere is not all cozy and smooth, especially when mommy spends more time breastfeeding. Breastfeeding time can suddenly be the time they need your attention, want to play, or even need a hug from you.

Furthermore, it always helps to prepare your older children about the changes happening or explain to them what is going on to douse their curiosity.

Get them involved

Whether you are breastfeeding or using breastfeeding accessories, get them involved but be ready for the questions. Do not try to push it aside but try to respond to them in the most educative way possible. Let them know why or what is happening and even share stories about them when they were breastfeeding. It will take away the jealousy and neglect they feel.

Don’t be too inquisitive about their actions

Toddlers are known for disruptive behavior, and while the stress of labor and childbirth can leave you frustrated, do not overthink their actions. Remember, it was just you and them before the new arrival. Rather than scolding or questioning their action, show some love and enjoy some quiet moment with them when the baby is sleeping.

Play the adult card

They are big girls and boys now. Have them bring out baby’s clothes, diaper, or even help wash the baby. If they are matured, allow them to rock the cradle or read the baby a book. These are little fun activities that give them a place in the home and in your life.

Get creative with leisure time

Whether you intend to read a book while breastfeeding or play a game, it is a fabulous way to juggle your baby and older sibling efficiently. Have a movie time; this will enable you to snuggle on the sofa, breastfeed, but also enjoy time with them. A great game to play is Simon says, it allows the older sibling(s) to carry out instruction without disrupting you.

Step outside

If you have a yard, step out once in a while and watch them play. If it is summertime, it allows you to get out of the house, enjoy some summer breeze without any guilt. You can set up a swimming pool in the yard so that they can enjoy themselves while you relax.

Have your friends help out

If the older sibling is very active and loves being up and about, call a friend or family to help you care for them. It can be anything from going to the mall, park, recreation center, or even spending some time at the neighbor's house.

Remember, you are still healing, and stressing yourself out is not the best way to go. Your older sibling will get used to the routine with time, and your home will be filled with laughter instead of stress.