How to Celebrate Your First Valentine Day as Parents?

With the addition of your beautiful baby to your family, it is understandable that as first parents, you would be so engrossed in taking care of the baby that you wouldn’t know when romance walks right out of your door!!

Parenting as first-time parents can be so much work, yes, and this is why you need to take advantage of this Valentine’s Day to enjoy love. You need to take a break from your parenting duties and make the best of that day for you and your spouse; even with the baby if you can manage it!!

Listed below are some tips on how to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as first-time parents.


Do something unique

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner love in the most unique way; hence you shouldn’t make this one any less unique. Rather than doing the common things that most lovers do, do what is special to both of you.

You might decide to ditch the common Val’s Day ideas for breakfasts in bed, movie dates at homes, going on picnics, decorating the home with roses, etc., just anything that would the day super memorable and romantic for both of you.


Plan ahead

February 14th is but a few days away, hence you have time to plan ahead for Val’s Day celebration.

When you plan ahead, it helps put everything in order before that day, so that you don’t get swamped with your parental duties and totally forget about Val’s Day.


Recreate your old love dates

Creating something new out of the blues for Val’s Day may take a lot of planning and time that you might not have as new parents; hence this is why is advisable that you make do with what you are used to.

Therefore, for this Val’s Day, you can decide to recreate a scenario from one of the love dates that you had as single people. Not only will this help you do something less hectic and time-consuming, but it will also help bring back good memories and rekindle your love.


Don’t forget the gifts

A lot of married people limit gifting their partners to when they were dating, don’t be those married couples. Gifting should be a normal ritual for married couples, and you can start with this Val’s Day.

Go out of your way to gift your partner something beautiful, thoughtful, relevant, and romantic this Val’s Day.

There are a N number of Valentine Day Gifts for new parents such as; a bouquet, jewelry, a collection of her favorite songs in an audio player, a framed photograph, written love notes, chocolates and candies, skincare products, a booked spa session, etc., for the mom.

For the dad, there are gift ideas such as a framed photograph, customized bracelets, a pack of shirts, a collection of his favorite songs in an audio player, written love notes, skincare products, etc.


Don’t leaveoutyour baby

What better way to show love to your baby than involving him/her in your Valentine’s Day plans? Don’t leave your baby out, ensure that you plan your romantic day with your baby in mind.

A family trip to the zoo, to the playground, to a game arcade, or a family picnic wouldn’t be a bad idea!!Making this Val’s Day as a first, don’t limit your fun days as married couples to Valentine's celebration alone!

Beyond Val’s Day, take out time to spend time with yourselves as lovers, as this will fan the embers of your love and make you both fall in love with yourselves over and over again. And parents who love themselves deeply will most definitely share that love with their baby, and a happy family makes the world a better place to live in!!