How to clean baby bottles like a pro

How to clean baby bottles - The simpler way

The last thing every mom would sweep into is to clean those numerous milk bottles when you get sometime to lay off. But thinking about the after effects if you didn’t do it, will make you geared up anyway. Whether you give your lil ones milk,water or sprouts you cannot omit the part where the utensil should be properly cleaned and sterilized.

If you think in other way, cleaning the dishes and bottles of your baby is not such a daunting task. Let us help you in sharing some useful tips and tricks for it.

Step1: Sterilization

Even brand new baby bottles could have germs. It is always good to keep the baby feeding accessories like bottles, utensils, breast pump, nipples soaked in boiling water or you can make use of any bottle sterilizer system. It is advisable to sterilize baby bottles and accessories once every few days but if your baby is having immunity issues, better to stick with daily sterilization.

Go through our feeding bottle sterilizers and warmers if you want to get it done automatically. Or carry out the conventional sterilization. Give them a long and hot bath.

Step2: Remove the dirt

After proper sterilization, it is time for you to wipe all the dirt off. In this stage, make these things handy: a large bowl, bottle soap, bottle brush & drying rack. First separate each part of your bottles & pump and keep it aside. Mix a little amount of gentle bottle washing liquid soap in a bowl of warm water, rinse all those separate parts you have kept aside and let it soak. Scrub each nook and corners of the parts with the bottle brush. Use separate nipple brushes to scrub hard, to reach all areas. And rinse these parts thoroughly in normal water. Make sure you are clean and sterilize the brushes often.

Go through these manual bottle cleaning accessories for pocket friendly and detail oriented cleaning.

Step3: Dry it off

After having a cleaning session, it is time to dry it and keep safe. Choose your favorite drying rack which is a great decor item as well . So that any feeding accessory whether it is a bottle or a nipple would be within your reach when urgent (like all the time lol!)

Have a safe and germfree feeding momma!