How To Ease Dropping Off Your Toddler at Daycare

Dropping your toddler off at daycare may be the hardest thing ever. Most times, there are feelings of guilt, apprehension, and separation anxiety. You don't want to let go and your toddler probably doesn't want to either. Nothing to worry about; these feelings are quite normal. There are ways to manage these feelings and if you want to make this process easier on both you and your child, here are tips on how to eavesdrop on your toddler at daycare.

1. Talk it through.

One mistake a lot of parents make is not talking to their toddlers. You may feel like your toddler is too young to understand anything, so, you think it is not important to tell them about it. But that’s very wrong. Talking to your toddler fosters trust and assurance. It enables them to be prepared for the change.

Springing this new development on them without some sort of warning could be quite detrimental. Let your toddler know that he or she will be going someplace new, and will meet cool people and make new friends. Your toddler may even begin to look forward to it. So, make sure to talk to your toddler first.

2. Start gradually

It is never a good idea to just thrust your toddler into a new development. You need to start slow. You can start by leaving your child with familiar faces like an uncle, an aunt, or grandparents. By doing this, your toddler can start getting used to the idea of you not being around sometimes.

3. Create a goodbye routine

It can be very hard for your toddler to get used to this lifestyle. Creating a goodbye ritual can help ease the stress on you and your child. Try to make goodbyes fun. When preparing your toddler for daycare, make sure the atmosphere is not dreary. Sing songs, laugh and smile with your toddler. When dropping your child off, you can say something positive and funny and even create a signature handshake. This way, your toddler may even start to look forward to daycare times.

4. Pack a familiar object

Being with new faces can be a bit difficult for your toddler. Having something familiar can ease this transition. So, be sure to pack your toddler's favorite toy, shawl, book, or blanket. Just anything that can give your toddler a sense of familiarity.


Parting with your toddler even for a short while may be very difficult. But remember that it is only temporary. A lot of parents have been through this phase, so you are not alone. Hang in there and be assured that even though this transition may take a while, it will turn out alright.

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