How To Keep Covid From Wrecking Your December

The pandemic and the lockdown has become our reality this year. With the pandemic, your children might not be expecting gifts from Santa while hoping to see him sneak in through the chimney. The covid 19 has stopped pre-planned family trips, caroling, and all the traditions that your family has become accustomed to. No visitations from extended family members and Christmas inner parties will be suspended this year. It should not be a reason why your Christmas/holiday would be any less fun. Many fun activities can take place while you still practice social distancing and follow all covid 19 guidelines. The children believe in traditions and rituals and expect Christmas to be the same this year as other years. It is anticipated that Christmas this year would be different, but these are tips to make it exciting and fun.


HONOUR EMOTIONS: A lot of lives have been lost to the virus this year. The children have not been in school or had time to visit and play with friends. Everyone has been indoors, with most communications with friends being through text messages and video chats. You can have your children share their feelings and sadness with you. Make sure you are emotionally healthy and available to them. Children have many expectations for the holidays, and it is best to let them know there will not be many events for this year's Christmas. Your child might show feelings of sadness or anger, understand that they have not had to celebrate Christ, as with the traditions they are used to. Give everyone in your home a chance to express their emotions and work them through accepting their reality. There is more room for fun when you understand how everyone in your family feels about the events' turnout. 


SHOP FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS ONLINE:  It has been a tough year, and everyone deserves a little happy moment to end their year. It is best when wrapped and kept under the tree. Wrap gifts out of their wishlists and place them under the tree. Shopping online is more comfortable as you would not have to wait in a long queue or be in a crowded place. Sanitize any packages sent before wrapping them p. you can send gifts to your relatives this holiday. Buy a Christmas advent calendar for someone this holiday and list good deeds they can try out. 


BRAINSTORM & GET CREATIVE: What better time to think outside the box than now? There is an alternative to whatever your family had planned for Christmas, and not even covid can come in the way. You can make zoom calls to relatives, send out family letters, take family pictures, and make videos to serve as a memory for the first Christmas that isn't the same as the others. You can have virtual events too. Try new traditions, make an advent calendar listing good deeds that your child can do every day. 

It is an excellent time to connect with the family or loved ones.   Teach the children new things about peace, gratitude, and harmony. Children learn best by watching you practice what you preach. The year has been challenging; make it end better for you and the ones you love while following all the safety guidelines. Happy Holidays & stay safe!