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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

How To Keep Kids Engaged Indoors

How To Keep Kids Engaged Indoors

Sadly, we are at a point in our lives where going out in the sun is now a luxury we cannot afford. The sadder thing about the COVID-19 ravaging our planet is that we have kids who do not understand why mom suddenly does not want them to see Karen next door anymore. We also have Karen questioning her mom on why she is not allowed to come to play with your kid.


No matter what we do, we cannot let our babies out there, we also cannot fully explain to them the gravity of the situation we are in. Their small, innocent, all-is-right-with-the-world minds cannot comprehend that that something is out there making people sick and killing people too. 


So what do we do since we do not have all the answers? 


We make sure they stop asking! That’s how. And how do you stop kids from asking too many questions? By engaging them. How do you engage them? We have a few ideas you would like to try. 


Play with them: Your kids are used to either playing alone with their toys or playing with the kid next door because that’s your way of keeping them calm while you go about the business of the day. So how about you buy indoor toys for your kids, yes, but also buy the ones you can play with. All you have now is time. Instead of watching TV and letting the news of the COVID-19 dampen your mood, get involved with your kids and play with them, build Lego houses with them, run the train tracks with them too.


Play board games with them: More than anything, this is the time you can help them develop their brains because school is currently not an option. Board games are a way to sharpen a child’s mind, as they usually require a lot of thinking.


Indoor swimming pools: They should have a feel of what it would have been like outside. Fill the inflatable pools up with water and have them splash around in it. It is swimming all the same.


Karaoke sounds great: You can also try karaoke with your kids, sing out the lyrics of all their favourite songs and make sure they are singing too. Shout down the house with your voices if you need too, it is already eerily quiet anyway, no thanks to our current situation.


Scavenger hunt: After you buy indoor toys for your children, do not show them immediately. Hide these toys and make them go on a scavenger hunt to find these toys. The surprise when they find their treasure at the end of the hunt will be worth it. 


Let us look on a brighter side, this is a good time to bond with your children, get to know them better, play more with them. It is sad that it had to be a pandemic, but we would not let this dampen our spirits now, will we? We will make the most of this situation, and while we hope it does not last, let us come out of this with really great stories. 


Stay safe out there and make sure you practice the precautionary measures given by the WHO.

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