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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

How To Keep Your Toddlers Happy During Diaper Change

How To Keep Your Toddlers Happy During Diaper Change

Diaper changing time should be a fun time! As a parent, we all know how cranky our little one can be during a diaper change. There is always a power struggle because the child wants to be in control. Well, letting them be in control reduces the stress of changing the diaper. A top-secret, it also makes them happy. Want to keep your toddler pleased during a diaper change? Try these tips

Connect with your child

It would help if you got on your child's level. Start by taking a deep breath and comment on what he is doing. When you have his attention, point out that his diaper is wet, this would make your toddler check on his body. It creates a connection that lets him know you are on his side. Realizing he is wet makes him less resistant and creates a foundation for potty training too.

A little tickle does it

If you get her laughing, it reduces the stress hormone and increases the bonding hormone. You can get your child to laugh for a few minutes, and when that bond has been created, you initiate the diaper changing. You can tickle her, chase her around the house, be silly, and do just about anything that makes her laugh. Add diaper changing as part of the fun.

Start a diaper song

Our toddlers bring out the musical talent hidden in us. Kids love any reason to sing along or dance. Start a diaper changing song or anything that makes him move his body. It's time to create your lyrics. Get him to dance to the diaper changing area and sing about diaper changing while you change it.

Diaper your toddler's baby

Let your child help you diaper their favorite teddy. Make sure to shower admiration on the teddy and let her join in the changing section. It makes your child ready. When they see how much attention is given to the teddy, let them know it's their turn.

Ask and involve them

There is a lot you need to ask your toddler when changing them. Ask for their help. Ask if the diaper feels cold on their bottom. Ask him to put take comfortable positions on the diaper changing table while changing the diaper. Involving your toddler helps him master new skills.

Make every diaper changing session something your toddler is excited about. You can have an exciting storytelling cd playing in the background while you change her. Set an alarm and let her know that whenever it goes off, it's diaper time. Let your toddler do the walking to the diaper changing tables. Continuously try these tips and watch them turn into a habit. A happy toddler makes an even happier parent.

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