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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022



Potty training is the easiest part of raising a child. Just order for a potty seat online and keep it where your kid can see it.

Scratch that. Potty training is a whole mission on its own and just like every mission, you’re going to meet obstacles before proceeding to the next stage. Each stage requires special skills and tools but with the patience and lots of mops, you would make it to the end unscathed!

The process may be a bit longer and exhausting for boys because they don't have the time to stick to your routine when they've got so much to do. Thankfully, there are always hacks to these things – or let's just call them tips.

If you bought your potty seats online (or at a mall), you’re already a step ahead.

  1. Introduce him gracefully. He probably wouldn’t understand a lot of what you say so you have to get fully hands-on by reducing the diaper time. Take him to the potty in the morning and help him get down. After, say, 30 minutes, walk him back to the potty. If you wait for him to tell you "pee-pee" before taking him to the potty, you may as well be ready to change your floor soon.
  2. Use your words right. When your boy makes it to the potty before peeing, celebrate him! Let him know that he did a great job but we advise that you do not reward him too soon because he may start making prank calls just to get sweets. When he pees on the floor (which he definitely will), tell him in the nicest way that pee is not meant for the floor. Telling him is okay sounds more like an encouragement to do it again.
  3. Get him a reminder. Just as Siri reminds you of the tasks on your calendar, set up a cute reminder to tell him that it’s potty time. Pretty potty wristwatches sold online have proved effective in doing this. They light up at specific intervals to signal to the wearer that it’s time to get to the potty. You may have to help him remember this in the first few weeks or your potty watch may just be another fancy toy.
  4. Stick to the routine. You may be tempted to go back to diapers when you realise how tedious the mission is but here, there is no retreat. When you get him started on going without diapers for hours, don’t switch up on him by making him wear diapers for longer hours. You would be confusing him on which routine to use – pee in my pants or go to the potty. Once you put your foot forward, there is no going back on this.
  5. Show and show. Showing him how to get from the room to the potty may not always be enough so if you can, go the extra mile. Get a trusted male to accompany him to the bathroom during intervals while they pee together (not in the potty of course!) This act of encouragement could get you closer to the end of the mission than you thought possible.

Finally, do not compare your son to any of your kids or anybody’s kids at all. Every child is different and while some may get a hang of routines early, others may need more time. It is also important to remember that starting early does not equal finishing early. If your boy is not ready for the process, do not force him to get started. It may cost you a few more diapers but it would be worth the wait.

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