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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

How To Potty Train Your Little One Without Losing Your Sanity?

As the bliss age of diapers starts to end, every parent's nightmare begins with Potty training. As a parent of 2 kids, I must tell you, this was one of my biggest concerns.

You are constantly worrying about how to make the shift smoothly without having to handle too many messy situations! I am sure every other parent shall have this topic in their search history How to potty training and I am sure they have been bombarded with numerous tips, tricks and bits of advice. Those of you who have landed here are the unlucky ones who haven't had luck cracking that nut! Here are some suggestions that may help you achieve the feat. Potty training is going to get a lot more easier! You CAN do it!

It is important to remember that every child is different and potty training that works for your friend's child may not necessarily work for your child. The key is to have patience and be consistent.

1. Befriend the Potty

Introduce the concept of potty to your young one, 3-4 months prior to commencing potty training. Bring up the potty in your casual conversations, like; I feel like peeing, I am heading to the Potty. Introduce potty pictures in the look-and-tell games. Ask questions such as,

Do you think Lassy (Your child's favorite toy) needs to go potty?

This will help raise awareness and your child will be familiar with the concept.

2. Check if your child is ready

Monitor your child's dry time. If they seem to stay dry for 2 hours; or if they complete a nap without wetting themselves, this is an indicator that they are ready for the potty.

Familiarize the toilet with your little one. Make sure your child is comfortable with the flushing sound. Ensure the child can easily follow instructions such as walking to the potty, sitting down on the potty and removing their underwear.

3. Pick the right potty

Selecting a colorful, bright or character-based potty encourages your child to use it. Ensure your child's bottom fits well in the potty. If you are opting for seat reducers, ensure the padding is soft, and the handles are easy on the hand. Place the potty at a place where your child is comfortable. Some children can be very shy and would like some privacy while they relieve themselves. In this case, place the potty in their room, where they are comfortable. Encourage your child to use the toilet area for using the potty. In this case, you will not have to retrain your child to use the toilet area.

You may also use toilet trainers coupled with step stools or toiler trainers that come with a ladder, where the child can place his/her feet.

4. Dedicate Time.

Once you initiate potty training, it is important that you be with your child for 3-4 days. You will have to spend most of your time indoors to ensure your child can easily use the potty when he/she wants to relieve themselves. This will help to maintain the routine and not break the habit. If you were to introduce the diaper during the training period, it would confuse your child and would send mixed signals. Hence it is very important that you dedicate 3-4 days for the potty training process.

5. Set a Routine.

Fix a time schedule and encourage your child to use the potty during this schedule. This will help them to get into the routine of relieving themselves at a particular time and will avoid accidents to a big extent. Get a fancy child-friendly alarm clock and set the alarm for potty time. Ask your little one to use the potty when the alarm rings. This makes potty training a fun activity for your little one. Make sure to introduce hygiene habits during this time as well. Ensure they wash their hands after using the potty. Introduce colorful, child-friendly soaps, which will encourage the habit.

6. Rewards are the way to go!

The reward system has proven to be one of the most effective ways to get toddlers potty trained. Use a reward chart and give points when they successfully use the potty. Offer gentle praises and small rewards. It is not necessary to go overboard with the rewards/gifts. Keep it simple and offer intangible rewards. Offer to take them to the park, or offer them their favorite sweets, etc. This will be a great source of encouragement.

We hope this will help you and your little bundle of joy to do away with the diaper and get potty trained within less than a week. As mentioned earlier PATIENCE IS VIRTUE!

Keep calm and those diapers WILL leave the house!

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