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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Tips To Make Sure That Baby Cribs Are Safe

Having a place of one's own is important. Giving the baby a place of his own is all the more important. Baby cribs are places where your baby would love spending time sleeping and playing. But it is also important that the baby cribs that you choose for your baby are safe enough for him. Here are certain tips that you need to keep in mind before buying baby cribs for your baby.

The Slats Shouldn't be Too Far Apart

Our petite babies are most likely to fall through the gaps between the slate if they are too far apart. Hence be very careful about the gap between the slats. The gap shouldn’t be more than 6 centimeters apart. You need to also make sure that there are no missing slats in between and that the slats are not cracked or loose.

Keep it Simple

You tend to get excited about how pretty the baby cribs look - decorative, eye-catching, and pleasing to your baby's eyes. But ideally, there should be no decorative pieces on the headboard or footboard that can cause the baby to get caught.

The Latches Should Be Secure Enough

Now this is a serious one. You need to be sure that the sides latch securely. This has to be considered seriously as it determines the safety of the entire crib. Not only that, but no doubt your baby could get really naughty in the months to come. He may try unlatching the drop-side latches to get himself out of the crib. Be very sure that there is no chance of this happening.

Screws Can Get It Screwed Up

Another factor that you need to consider and be careful about is that there should be no screws sticking out. This can be harmful for your baby and may hurt him really bad. So tighten all the screws and make it easy for him.

No Ribbons Or Strings

There is a high chance of your baby getting strangled by the ribbons or strings lying carelessly in the crib. So make sure that there are no ribbons or strings longer than 7 inches lying loosely in the crib or hanging above the crib. This could choke the baby and make it dangerous for him.

Minimalism is safe

Keep the crib minimal - do not dump a lot of soft toys, pillows or blankets in the crib. This could make the baby uncomfortable and deprive him of the space to breathe.

Remove the Mobiles

Once your baby is old enough to hold somewhere and stand on his feet, you know it is time to remove the mobiles. If you fail to do that, the crib may get into motion and cause great danger to your baby.

The above-mentioned points can help you to a great extent in making sure that the baby crib is safe enough for your baby. There are yet other factors that you need to take into consideration while preparing a crib for your baby. The mattress that you choose for the crib should be hard, and not soft. It has to fit perfectly against the sides of the crib and should be without any big gaps between the mattress and the crib. Also make sure that the crib sheet that you choose comfortably fits the mattress - meaning, you should avoid using an adult sheet.

True that until your baby is a little older enough to take care of himself, you need to have your eyes and ears open and be alert all the time. The best way to ensure the safety of your child is to research, ask for advice and be updated on how to have a safe parenting experience. So go ahead, research more and buy a baby crib online while keeping all these safety instructions in mind.

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Tips To Make Sure That Baby Cribs Are Safe

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