Mindful Ways to Connect With Your Baby Before Birth

The connection and bond between a mother and her baby do not start from the first time their eyes meet, it begins from the first missed period, goes stronger from the first pee-on-a-stick proof of pregnancy, and with every change, her body undergoes while she carries that baby, a stronger bond is built.


However, there are other mindful ways you as a mother can create a connection with your baby before birth. 


Here are a few of them you can try out.


Journaling: The journey to motherhood is usually a story on its own. And if you can journal every day, starting each entry with a “Dear your child’s name”, you are bound to feel connected to your baby somehow. Because it would seem like a letter being sent to your child.


 Every little kick after that would seem like an answer to your letter. Journal every experience, every movement, every hormonal change your body experienced.


Shopping for baby products online: There is a certain joy that comes from having a feel of your baby clothes before they are being worn. It keeps you in a state of anticipation. It is like you are telling your little one; “Mama is ready”. And it does feel good.


Also, the smell of baby products are usually quite distinct, so, walking into the baby room and having that fragrance of everything baby hitting your nose instantly creates a strong feeling of connection between you and your baby.


You can check for online baby stores, just to surf through and see many baby products online if you do not intend to shop. Even that moment of confusion, when you are not sure if you should go with a baby pink bib or a fuchsia creates some sort of connection between you and your baby.


Talking to your baby: When alone, have conversations with your baby, especially when making your choice of baby products online. While surfing through online stores, you can ask your baby what they think.


Just go “Hey, baby, would you like a blue sitter or a purple one? It might sound crazy, but a mother knows what a mother knows. Just enjoy these one-sided conversations with your baby; they are both helpful in creating a connection between you both and helping you deal with the pregnancy period, as it can be mentally tasking and lonely.


Singing to your baby: You sure do have a favorite son that calms you down and makes you feel okay. Well, start making it your baby’s favorite too, keep singing it to our baby. When you feel sad, sing it, when you feel happy, sing it.


Try to keep singing or better yet playing that music a lot while you are pregnant. You need all the help you can get to scale through pregnancy, if music helps, let your baby know.


Pregnancy can be a hard time on women, however, the connection created between mother and child, makes it all easy to bear.