New Year Meditation Routines for Families


The year is 2020, you have finally conceded to the fact that meditation is actually a very beneficial activity and you are trying to start a meditation culture in your home. Or for you, the year is 2020, in 2019 you bought into meditation and started doing it, however, you were not very earnest with it but you intend to change that this year and you intend involve your family in your meditation routine.

Suddenly, you remember that member of your family who would never stay still long enough to achieve any degree of meditation and you are a bit discouraged about the idea of extending this practice to everyone in your family.

Not to worry, your meditation routine can be tailored to suit every member of your family and perhaps meditation is not always about sitting still. We discuss different ways you can achieve an effective meditation routine with your family this year in the subsequent paragraphs of this article.

However, before we proceed to discuss the tips to achieve an effective meditation routine with your family, let us review the benefits of meditation briefly.

What good comes from meditation?

There are so many benefits of meditation, from psychological to physical benefits. Some of these benefits are:

            •           It helps one control their emotions better

            •           It helps the body handle stress better

            •           It is an effective adjunct in addiction therapy

            •           It improves the efficiency of the memory

            •           It improves focus

            •           It reduces the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses

            •           It may slow down the process of aging

            •           It helps the energy consumption of the body become more efficient

            •           It helps improve sleeping pattern

            •           It can help improve the functions of the immune system

Meditation Routines for your Family

As stated earlier, meditation is not necessarily about sitting still with the eyes closed for long periods, there are other means of meditation and these other means can be adopted by you with your family. In the subsequent parts, we highlight the steps you can take to achieve an effective mediation routine with your family.

Designate a section of the house for meditation: you will need yoga mats for this and they are easy to come by. You can get yoga mats online in Dubai without the hassle of physically going to the market. Whatever section you choose, ensure it is well decorated to attract the children and it is quiet enough to improve focus during meditation.

Meditate during mealtimes: the family could have a quiet moment before and after meals/snacks. Also, slowly savoring meals is a way of meditating.

Meditate while walking: Take walks with your family where everyone is conscious of each step they take – the walks may be in silence or everyone may say a soothing catchword. Let these walks be timed.

Meditate through expression: the family may meditate through expressing positive feelings to each other according to a schedule. During these periods, each member could take turns to read a letter to the family while everyone else listens. This may be done sitting in chairs or they could be done on yoga mats – as mentioned earlier, you can get yoga mats online in Dubai.


The main goal of meditation is to find tranquility and you can achieve this with your family through any activity that spreads positive energy and through moments when everyone can reflect.