How to Avoid Eczema Flare Ups This Summer

Being a mom in the 21st century is difficult, and different from any other generation. We think globally about every decision we make. We are constantly reminded about global warming, and our carbon footprints. We are trying to recycle, compost, and purchase responsibly sourced materials. When you become a parent you aren’t just making smart choices for yourself, you are trying to also make them for your children. It’s common knowledge that disposable diapers take centuries to decompose in the trash- about 500 years! Until recently though, there weren’t many other options: Cloth or disposable. Lots of well-intentioned mothers have started with trying cloth diapers to be more environmentally conscience, but cloth diapers just add to the laundry already piling up in your house.Cotton isn’t as absorbent, and cotton as a crop doesn’t have as many benefits as other materials. Go to disposable, and you deal with diaper rash from not having breathable material, and you’re filling a landfill for 500 years. It feels like you can’t make any good choice, but a recent trend is switching to organic bamboo diapers, like these from Bambo Nature. Bamboo diapers are chemical free, naturally hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin, and absorb 70% more than cloth.

Disposable organic bamboo diapers are not only good for your baby, they are good for the environment. Pureborn diapers are sourced responsibly from 100% sustainable bamboo fibers. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than other crops and trees do. It enriches the soil it grows in, which makes is more sustainable than cotton crops, which drain their soil of nutrients. Bamboo is also fully mature in 3-5 years, which means it can be sustained, even if there is increased harvesting. Increasing oxygen by planting more bamboo could even reduce the carbon dioxide in the air, which is contributing to global warming.

Bamboo diapers are just the start of the better bottom for your baby, though. Moms also are switching to bamboo wipes (try these: Caboo, Aleva Bamboo) Wipes are actually maybe even more important than the diaper your baby is using. Wipes are used on faces, hands, and for years after your baby is done with diapers, because babies don’t outgrow messes. Just like the diapers, bamboo wipes are naturally anti-microbial, which means no bacteria on their face, hands, or bottoms. They are anti-fungal, which means no baby itch. Bamboo wipes are also naturally hypo-allergenic, which is great for even the most sensitive skin. Again, with all the planet-friendly benefits of bamboo diapers.

So, bamboo diapers and wipes are a trendy pick for 21st century moms, but that is because they are the responsible choice for your baby, and for the planet. With benefits like being biodegradable, sustainable, healthy, and natural, it’s easy to see why more and more moms are picking up these great products for their babies