Protecting yourself against COVID in upcoming winter

Winter is here and your nutrition plays a major role in protecting you against the pandemic outbreak. Many respiratory viruses tend to swell during the winter because of how cold the season is. There is growing evidence that a small seasonal effect can contribute to bigger outbreaks during the winter. This is because there would be poor ventilation as everyone is trying to get themselves covered indoors to prevent the cold. Social distancing can do a major trick when it comes to protecting you during this season but there are other protective measures to take that will help against COVID-19 in this cold, harsh weather. Here are 5 essentials to help protect you

  1. WATER: You feel less thirsty during the winter because the metabolism rate is high and there is no more perspiration. Staying hydrated is very essential and helps to keep the organs in the body functioning properly. It also helps to clean the body system and when this is done, toxins are removed. When you take water, nutrients are transmitted to the body cell and this helps to regulate and stabilize the body fluid. Drink the required amount of water every day or even more.

  2. FOOD: All the levels of nutrition we need can be found in a balanced diet. You need to eat whole meals and during this time, processed food isn’t advisable. During the winter, the body digests food well as it is needed to keep the body warm. You need the right amount of vegetables, whole grains, dry fruits, spices, and herbs, as all this is needed to boost your metabolism and help your system fight against the virus. A balanced diet is needed as the metabolism rate is high during the winter. A high intake of protein is also essential in your diet. Eat whatever it is you need to boost your immune system.

  3. VITAMINS: The sunshine might not be out for long during the winter but there can always be replacements in maintaining your health and immunity. There is a rich source of vitamin C during the winter season. This is found in fruits like orange, lemon, and other members of the citric family. This helps in the production of white blood cells which helps protect the body against infections. Another essential vitamin needed is vitamin D which helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate found in the body. These can be gotten from fruits or capsules of multivitamins. Checkout our collection of multivitamins from Sunshine Nutrition.

  4. SLEEP: The brain connects better with the body when we sleep. As adults we need to get about seven to eight hours of sleep. When the body is not well-rested, it leads to stress which leads to health irregularities. When your body is asleep, it heals, repairs, and rests. This is why you need to add sleep to your essentials for protecting you against the pandemic. The best time for your body to get this rest is at night.

  5. YOGA: Not only do you get a good dose of sunshine, but you also help your body by strengthening your lung muscles. There are different kinds of yoga acts that helps your body and lungs or general health.

You need to stay healthy and safe. Wear a face mask, maintain social distancing, live healthily, eat well, and please avoid poorly ventilated crowded areas.