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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Ramadan shopping at the comfort of your home

Ramadan shopping at the comfort of your home

The Coronavirus is affecting life as we know it, but the true essence of Ramadan, which is to build a strong Taqwa with your God, will not change. In fact, experts think the lockdown will enable more Muslims to achieve more like reading the Quran and full repentance due to fewer distractions.

Ramadan and the Coronavirus Pandemic

For the first time since the death of the Prophet, the mosques of Mecca and Medina were shut down. For Muslims, not partaking in the lesser Hajj was a blow in the gut. Yet for many, the idea that going to the mosque, attending Ramadan lectures, night prayers, and meeting with fellow Muslims is the new normal.

Luckily, for many, technology is relieving the pressure and anxiety of the lockdown. Today, there are plenty of online academies to teach the Quran, share Ramadan lectures, and even follow renowned Imans from across the globe as prayers are televised live. This will allow worshippers to follow from the comfort of their living room.

Speaking of online amenities and the use of technology, Muslims have also had to rely on this medium to get their daily nutritional requirements for the month of Ramadan.

How the pandemic is affecting Ramadan shopping

If you have never been to a Muslim state or country as Ramadan approaches, you will marvel at how millions of Muslims stock up for the month of Ramadan. They buy everything, you name it, and they will buy it.

Some buy for their homes, for loved ones, the poor, and to distribute as Sadaqah during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month to give and Muslims do that exceptionally well.

This year will be different. Ramadan shopping is usually a family affair, but online shopping will take precedence as going to the shopping mall is considerably limited. It is also essential to know that because of the tremendous strain on the demand for supermarkets, orders are not filled on time, and deliveries are always late.

Furthermore, items like dates, yogurt, fruits, and various sweets will not be readily available if they are not grown in your localities. Keeping these hiccups in mind, families need to plan their shopping to ensure that everything comes when it is required.

Some tips to effective online shopping for this Ramadan

  • Do not fill in all your order from one shop
  • Patronize local sellers that deliver to your doorstep
  • Inquire from the store when an item will be available and then place an order
  • Order what is necessary like rice, wheat, fruits, and vegetables

Ramadan 2020 will see over 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe obeying the stay at home and social distancing order due to the Coronavirus. This means there will be no gathering for iftar, no visiting of friends and family.

This year Ramadan is for your immediate family alone. For many, it is the time to use online technology and know the stores that sell and deliver items you will need at the touch of a button.

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