All You Need To Know About Safe Breast Milk Expression And Storage

What’s more beautiful than your body having that super power to satiate your baby’s hunger and help him grow? Well, no doubt mothers are walking miracles. In fact, mothers know how obsessed babies are with breast milk. They go gaga over it! But what happens when you are a working mother or want to step out for a few hours, but is not so keen about giving formula milk to the baby? Chances are that you may feel extremely guilty for denying the baby your breast milk even if it for a few hours. But why worry when you have the option of expressing breast milk and storing it so that baby is not deprived of it? Here are the answers to a few questions that are still bothering mothers about this convenient method that has made the lives of a million mothers easier.


Is expressing and storing breast milk completely safe for my baby?

You may be a tad skeptical about whether it is okay to follow this method, and if it is safe enough for the baby. Well the answer is, it is completely safe and fine for the baby as long as you follow the right measures to do it. It is just that you should follow absolute hygiene while doing this. Make sure that your hands are washed well with soap and water. Not just that, the container that you choose to store the milk should be hygienic as well.


How do I express milk?

You could do it with your hand or buy an electric breast pump online to get the job done. Decide on the quantity of milk that you intend to store and keep the sterilized feeding bottle or container ready near your breast to store the collected milk. Squeeze the milk by gently pressing your hand around the darker portion of your nipple, but be careful not to touch the darker portion or the nipple as it can cause you pain. When it comes to electric pump, the intensity of suction can be altered accordingly. So watch out and make sure that you do not set the level to high right in the beginning. This can be damaging to your nipple and can hurt you badly.


When is the right time for milk expression?

Apparently there is no specific ‘right’ time to express and store the milk. But since the milk production is comparatively higher in the morning hours, you could choose that time of the day. What’s more important is that you are relaxed and stress-free, and this is going to be such a cakewalk.


How long will the expressed breast milk stay without going bad?

This solely depends on the storage method that you choose. If you mean to keep it in room temperature, it will easily stay up to six hours soon after the expression. However, if the room is warmer, the limit is 4 hours. Do not hold it beyond that. If you are choosing to store it in a refrigerator, it will stay upto 5 days provided the space is clean and germ-free. Insulated coolers allow a limit of one day. In the case of deep freezer, it can stay longer upto 12 months, but it is highly recommended that it is used within six months


What is the ideal type of container to store breast milk

You could use glass that comes with a leak proof lid, breast milk freezer bags, breast milk storage bottles, or hard BPA- free plastic for storing the milk. Storage of breast milk calls for absolute hygiene and cleanliness. Make sure that the container is flawlessly clean before storing the milk. Checkout our collection of breast milk storage bags & bottles here.


Expression of breast milk can be hard in the beginning. But you will figure it out as you go, just like how you figure out motherhood and parenting as it comes. So keep calm, buy a trendy electric breast pump online, and slay it like a Boss Mama!