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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

See Five Incredible Breastfeeding Tips Every New Mom Would Need

See five incredible breastfeeding tips every new mom would need


For new moms, their main concerns are to do all it takes to make their baby happy but just how to do it becomes a problem. They ask questions like: How do I know when my baby wants to be fed? How do I address aching nipples? And who makes the call, me or my baby? These and many more are the common questions that new moms chill but not anymore. You are about to find out five ninja tips that best answers your questions and lead you through an amazing breastfeeding experience.

1) Let your baby make the cut

Your baby will have to be the boss when it comes to breastfeeding. This is because they need every nutrient they can possibly garner and they are the ones that can feel the hunger so let them boss you to be healthy. Also, make sure you don't stop the flow of their feeding. Don't worry, with time, they will release you to other things but before then, give them in full.

2) Invest in great nursing covers

The first thing to do during the pregnancy is to prepare for the birth and that includes adding a nursing cover to the list. This is because you will need to start breastfeeding almost immediately after delivery. The first few hours of delivery is the best time to breastfeed as the colostrum is the most important nutrient your baby needs at that period is when it comes out more. The benefits for breastfeeding at this time cannot be overemphasized as they are incredible. So, feel free to cover up and breastfeed at any time. There is absolutely no pressure of who is watching with Bebitza nursing cover right around you. 

3) Cultivate health living

This is the most crucial period for you and your baby so you will need to make healthy living very seriously. What this means is that you will have to continue eating the great food you ate during pregnancy and even more for quick reinforcement. Also, drinking of water as often as you breastfeed is a great healthy living tip you shouldn't miss out. The water helps to hydrate you and to produce more milk for your baby. No doubt, water can never be too much.

Likewise, you will need to avoid some seemingly interesting things for the sake of your baby. Things like alcohol should either be avoided totally or taken many hours before breastfeeding. This also includes smoking which would affect the baby sleep more than you can imagine.

4) Learn to relax

It is true that you are new to the game of breastfeeding and that newbie boat is where your baby is laying also. This means there could be a repulsive aura between you and your baby which can be breached if you would just relax. Find a good position for you and your baby when feeding and enjoy the experience. Don't forget to cover up with Bebitza nursing cover to feel more relaxed in public places.

5) Take care of your breast skin

As important as the care of the whole body is, more is needed for your breast because it is really working more. The breast at this time has the tendency to be changed so you will need to wash carefully, clean gently and apply recommended balm to keep it fresh for your baby and you.

So here you have it, your ninja tips to overcoming new mom worries on breastfeeding. Don't forget you can ask questions from your lactation consultant and any other professional if you feel something beyond the usual. Nothing beats consistent breastfeeding and your great choice to cover up well still remains Bebitza nursing cover. Also, make sure you find time to rest well. Any little time you get, invest in it to rest well.