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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Smart Toys For Kids - A Nascent Tool For IQ Growth

Smart toys for kids - a nascent tool for IQ growth.

Through the centuries, the human mind has evolved over and over again- becoming more intricate with each progression. 

However, a feature that hasn’t been lost is the craving for constant growth and development. Even though this characteristic can be observed across all age groups, it is seen even more prominently in the parent-to-child interaction. 

Yes, parents want their kids to soar.

Right from picking the best diapers, to choosing top-notch schools, parents would do everything within their reach to ensure their kids attain their full potential. 

With regards to this, it isn’t a surprise that more and more parents are demanding more unconventional methods that can help skyrocket the IQ of their kids.

Luckily, science has the answer they seek- smart toys. 

If you are a parent looking to enhance your kid's IQ, then the following sentences are for you.

What are smart toys?

A smart toy is a toy that has a mind of its own- all thanks to artificial intelligence. This means smart toys can react to triggers, learn from previous interactions and become more ‘customized’ to a user depending on pre-programmed patterns. 

The primary aim of these toys remains unchanged- they deliver entertainment. However, their configuration allows them to convey more than what conventional toys would. Not only is the user kept entertained, but, the user is also privy to unique experiences and benefits.

One of which is, an increased Intelligent Quota (IQ).

How do smart toys contribute to a higher IQ?

To understand this more explicitly, we must know how ‘intelligence’ itself is measured. 

Basically, such tests are used to know if the test-taker readily recognizes patterns in the questions. Consequently, if the individual quickly deciphers more patterns, the higher the IQ score.

Yes, that sounds pretty lame. But, that has always been the bedrock the human mind lies. 

In other words, people would always perform better and ‘smarter’ when exposed to a task that they have previously carried to in the past.

It all boils down to the fact repetition leads to perfection. 

And, this is precisely what STEM toys for kids aim to do- expose the kids to several elements and patterns that can help them perform better when faced with experiences that require such skills in reality.  

Sounds cool?

STEM toys for kids that you can spend your money on… 

Now that you know the benefits of these smart toys to your kids, here are a few recommended baby toys you can exchange for cash:

  • Construction toys- are linked with enhanced language development and higher achievement in Maths. 
  • Board games- which help hone Maths skills., analytical skills and critical thinking. 
  • Tangram puzzles. 
  • Mancala games encourage kids to count and strategize. 
  • Cooperative board games that foster social skills.

In conclusion, 

It is safe to conclude that outside of the school walls; smart toys could teach your kids real-life coping skills at home, leading to a higher IQ for your kids- and a happy parent! 

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