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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Socially Distanced Baby Shower is a New Thing.

Socially Distanced Baby Shower is a New Thing.

In time past, it was a common occurrence for friends and family members to come together under one roof to celebrate the coming of their loved one’s little bundle of joy with a baby shower. But of late, due to the social distancing policy laid down to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, socially distanced baby showers have become the new trend.

While a lot of persons are going with the flow of having socially distanced baby showers through virtual mediums, a lot of persons still can’t relate to the new trend of celebrating the expectant mother and her unborn from 6 feet away.

Actually, having a virtual baby shower is not as bad as it sounds, as there are ways to make it work despite the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Awesome Socially Distant Ideas for a Fun Baby Shower

Host the baby shower virtually

Hosting the baby shower virtually through either Zoom or Facebook Messenger Rooms is not as bad as it sounds, in fact, it is really as much fun as hosting it physically.

Through this virtual medium, you can bring together as many persons as you want.

One advantage that this virtual baby shower has over the physical baby shower is that you can even bring people from different geographical locations across the world together virtually to attend the baby shower.

Organize virtual games and other fun activities

The fact that the baby shower is holding online is the exact reason why you should make it so much fun. And one way to achieve that is by engaging in different virtual games and fun activities that everyone can participate in; this will help to mitigate the awkwardness of a virtual baby shower.

Examples of virtual games that everyone can participate in include the baby word unscramble, Guess the tune, forbidden words, and who knows the parents best?

Send messages via email and post boxes

Another way you can have a blast social distanced baby shower is by sending your goodwill wishes to the parents either through their email addresses or through the traditional post boxes. And have the parents read out the different messages during the virtual baby shower.

Buy baby shower gifts online

Coming last but definitely not the least is getting the baby shower gifts. It is common knowledge that a lot of stores have been shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t get the best baby shower gifts at some online baby stores.

We have some of the most beautiful, memorable, and brilliant baby shower gifts you can buy online that you can gift the expecting parents, check them out now.


Of course, celebrating a beloved’s baby shower virtually doesn’t come close to being with them in person while you shower them with gifts and affection; but regardless of the social distancing policy you should not feel less happy and excited for the family of the unborn as you can still enjoy a perfect baby shower with the aid of the above-mentioned tips.

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