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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Summer Fun: A Review of Summer Camps in and around Dubai

Summer Fun: A Review of Summer Camps in and around Dubai

June is right around the corner, and with it, the beginning of summer. Time to inflate those beach balls, put on those shades, and stock up on sun care lotion for your kids! Choosing the right summer camp for your child is an important part of ensuring they make the most of their time off from school.   Here’s a look at some of the best upcoming summer camp programs in and around Dubai. 



FitRepublik, located in the Dubai Sports City, may gear many of its activities towards adults, but their programming for children is equally robust.  FitRepublik offers a daily summer camp five days a week, for either half or full days, for children age 5 - 14.  Focused on physical activities, campers at FitRepublik swim, flip, punch, block, and dance their way through summer.


Gulf Star Sports

Gulf Star Sports has locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  They offer both general summer camp courses as well and more intensive camp experiences focusing on single activities.  For campers passionate about these specific sports, Gulf Star has camps for go-karting, football, and karate.  Camp courses are available for children as young as 3 all the way up to 15.


The Ocean Kids

Ocean Kids is an academy in Dubai that trains people of all ages in different forms of entertainment, including dance and music.  Their passionate staff work hard to help their students develop and learn new skills.  At their summer camp, kids ages 4 and up have the opportunity to  play, sing, meditate, paint, learn, and much, much more.


Atlantis the Palm

Run by the luxury Atlantis the Palm hotel are six different summer camps catering to every kind of camper.  Programs are available for children ages 3 - 17.  Younger campers get to swim in the pool, play a variety of sports, and get special culinary training, while older campers engage in more serious water activities, extreme sports, and fitness challenges.


Apple Seeds

If you have very young campers, Apple Seedscould be the way to go.  Only available for preschool children (ages 3-4), Apple Seeds offers a safe and open space for young campers to meet friends, explore their environment, and engage in a wide variety of fun activity that help them improve critical skills during this important time of their development.  Camp courses are offered in two week sessions and run for three hours during the morning (from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm).


The Study Room

Just because school is out doesn’t mean your child can’t or shouldn’t continue to learn.  At the Study Room, campers continue to develop their skills in tailor-made classrooms with no more than 7 students each.  Programs taught by all first language English speakers are available for campers ages 4 and up.  For a more education-based summer experience, the Study room will have you and your young one covered.


Parkour Dubai

For a more physical summer camp experience, look to Parkour DXB.  They offer two different camps (one for campers ages 5 - 9, and another for older campers ages 10 -16).  Both have structured curricula that teach parkour concepts and techniques.  The camp is staffed by certified instructors from around the world to ensure your child will understand and be able to perform parkour techniques in a safe and fun environment.


Premier Genie STEM Camp

Is your little one interested in science and technology?  If so, Premier Genie STEM Camp might be for you.  Another academic summer camp, Premier Genie uses a passion for learning to get campers away from the heat of summer.  Camp sessions are held for children ages 6 - 16, with an intense focus on science, tech, engineering, and math learning.


ESM Academies

With 14 years of experience, ESM Academies’ Summer Camp is a trusted institution with more than 10 campuses in Dubai.  Campers age 4 to 12 come together to be active, have fun, and learn while building their confidence, relationships, and skills.


ISM Sports

For the athletic camper, ISM Sports Multi Sports Summer Camp is a great choice.  As with their other programs, the goal of ISM’s camp is to familiarize campers with a massive variety of sports, and develop not only their individual athletic skills, but also their sportsmanship and teamwork.  


EduScan Group

Although EduScan Group’s summer camps are also more focused on providing scholarly summers for their campers, they do so with a twist.  They have three programs that teach not only academics, but also leadership skills and movement.  The Leadership Training program concentrates on developing communication skills, self-confidence, and social skills; the Progressive Academic Training teaches smart techniques developed by psychologists to improve academic skills; and the Skills Development Training focuses on motor skill development.


Dubai Holiday Camps

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right.  Dubai Holiday Camps is the biggest provider of summer camp programs in the UAE.  Campers ages 3 - 14 can participate in a safe and entertaining schedule of activities staffed by certified teachers, coaches, and administrators.  All staff speak English.


Preparing Your Child for Camp

Whatever camp you choose to go with for your child, it’s important to make sure that both you and your camper are prepared.  The summer heat can be pretty brutal in combination with physical activity. Any summer camp checklist should include a hat, breathable clothes, comfortable shoes, a handheld fan, a bathing suit, and lots of sun care lotion for kids.  

Once you’ve got your camp details worked out and have packed and prepared for the long summer days, your little camper will be all ready to have the summer of a lifetime in Dubai!

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