Tips on getting more time with your kids

Something being a working mom takes away from you a lot, it is time with your babies. This can very frustrating, especially as you come home sometimes and find out that your kids are asleep. You do not like it, your kids do not like it, and guess what, we do not like it as well. That is why we came up with 5 tips that you could use to get more mommy-time with your kids. Actually, this is a hack, so shhh, do not tell anyone else, well except she is a mom like you.

Get fitness equipment for everyone: Exercise is a very good bonding time for families. Get fitness equipment for moms and everyone in your home. More often than not, they will not get any of the routines right, and you will get yours right, which will make them try harder and fail again. In the end, you will be exasperated, from all that exercise, and from the laughter of watching your babies try to do what you do. Rest assured it will be a beautifully breathtaking experience.

DIY family meals: If you do not mind having some flour spilled all over you, then it might be time to throw on an apron, take your babies to the kitchen and attempt to bake some cookies. The entire process is one that would leave a mess at the end, but it will be a time well spent when you look back at it and imagine your flour-faced kid dancing with a spatula. Memories like that will take you through a hectic week with smiles on your faces.

Grocery shopping: If you have a 2-year-old, prepare to drop them in a trolley and roll it around while you shop for mundane things that you probably do not need. If you will be shopping for heavy things, no trolley rides, but you can make this fun by making them choose what you should get. Here is how it goes, pick two different brands, and ask them to do an eenie minnie mannie moe on which you should take. They will enjoy shopping since they have the faux idea that they make the decisions.

Gardening: If you have a large backyard, well get some gloves on, because it is time to get your hands dirty. You will have to be extra watchful with them though, so they do not get injured. Let the only thing they take in with you, be the black soil-dirt on their hands and knees. And if you are not dirty enough for them, get dirty. Match their energy while keeping them safe.

Wake up early, return early: If you go to bed early, waking up early should not be such a chore now, should it? This would afford you time to have breakfast with them, instead of dashing out in the morning and blowing them a kiss from the door of your uber. Unless it certainly cannot be carried over to the next day, leave that job for the next day and go home to meet your babies.

Time with kids should not be tampered with, neither should your time alone. These hacks which involve the kids are mostly energetic ones, so they would tire out and rest early, you can now have that ‘you’ time.