Why Choosing the Right Stroller isn’t Rocket Science

Why Choosing the Right Stroller isn’t Rocket Science.


Having a child is life changing. You sign up for a long term commitment to let that tiny human be entitled to a good share of your time, energy and attention. Your baby is a part of you until he/she grows up and master the art of being on his/her own. Random acts that used to be a part of your routine now require that extra effort - like shopping at the grocery store or taking a walk in the park. But trust me, it is nothing short of beautiful if we learn the art of balancing.

Carrying children around is tiring, and this is where strollers come in as a saving grace. Choosing the right stroller is not Rocket Science, but it is a little tricky if you are not sure about what exactly you want. It is important that you know what suits best for your child before you decide to buy a stroller online or from a retailer. Here are a few touchstones for a better understanding


1.How old is your baby?

If you believe any stroller can go along well with your baby, bad news! There are strollers specially made for newborns who need special stroller consideration. If your baby is a newborn, you should ideally choose a stroller that reclines fully to support your baby safely.


2.Should it be public transport friendly?

To make it easy to stroll effortlessly while using public transport, you should choose the lightweight, compact stroller that can be folded easily. For infants older than 6 months as well as for toddlers, a lightweight umbrella stroller would be a feasible option. Public transport in UAE is pretty much a cakewalk. Buying a stroller online in UAE is even easier with a variety of such public-transport friendly, high quality strollers available in the market.


3.A fan of long walks?

If you love taking long walks with the baby, a sturdy stroller is the best option as it is easier to push them. Make sure that they come with extra storage space that can carry basic baby essentials, your handbag and even an extra room for some self-love in the guise of your favorite food.


4.Handle height and grip

The next important thing is to confirm whether you are comfortable with the handle height and grip. If you find yourself getting all clumsy with the stroller, it is better to look for something else with a better handle height and grip.


5.Check for the maneuverability

Your child is growing and could keep earning a couple of pounds monthly. Hence, it is important that you check the maneuverability of the stroller. To check the same, keep dumping more heavy stuff into the stroller seat while pushing and cross check if is working fine.


6.Convenient much?

Once you have a baby, your hands tend to be full all the time. While you juggle hundred and one things at a time, having a mechanism that is parent-friendly and easy when it comes to adjusting the backrest, and fastening and unfastening the harness would definitely be a thing of relief. Same goes with the brakes and swivel lock mechanisms as well. Make sure that the stroller qualifies these requirements, and will even let you open and close it with a single hand.

It all depends on knowing what you really want and choosing the one that check ticks all your requirements. Having a baby to tag along wherever you go may not sound convenient. But as long as you have a great stroller, and you get to see the world through the eyes of your baby, embracing the wonder that the world is as much as it is for your baby, everything is sorted!