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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Why Reading to Your Baby is Important

Why Reading to Your Baby is Important

By now, as a new mom, you just have heard from a few people that you should try reading to your newborn. It is okay to wonder why there may be a need to do that, given that babies do not precisely understand well-formed words and certainly do not know what you are saying half the time. However, children are like sponges when they are born; they soak in information, sounds, emotions, and everything around them. So, even if they would not understand what you are reading out of that book, their tiny brains take in that information and store it.

Here are some reasons why you should read to your baby

It improves the listening skills of your child:

Watch the face of a baby when music comes on or when any sound comes on around them; it often lights up, and their eyes dart in different directions. What they are trying to do at that point is find where the source of that noise is so that they can focus. Babies react to sound, and in the same manner, they will respond to your reading. When this happens consistently, they learn to focus on you as you read, soaking up that information that is rubbish to them at the time. However, as they grow, they inadvertently grow their listening skills.

It improves their ability to focus:

Like we said initially when a child hears a sound for the first time, they look for the source. When that sound continues to filter into their ears, they focus on that source. When you are gently reading to your child, they focus on you; continuous repetition of this action makes them learn how to pay attention from when they are babies.

It creates bonding time for you and your baby:

The best time to bond with your child is when they are still in your arms, and there are many ways this bonding can happen. The first, of course, is the skin-to-skin contact that occurs with breastfeeding. Another way a mom can form this bonding is when you read to them consistently. They look into your face when you read, register your smiles, the sound of your voice, the movement of your face, and everything else; bottom line, they get to know you.

So, there you have it. Grab a book today, put your beautiful baby in your arms, and read them the most beautiful kid story ever. Make reading to them a habit and never stop, even as they grow older.

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