Why School Kids Need More Playtime?

You must be aware of the popular proverb that ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. Well, the section of the society to whim this message fits most is the school kids. Here are 5 reasons why your kid should have more playtime during his school years:

Keeping your child relaxed

Want to your child to grow healthy? Then, give him freedom and make him relaxed. During the last decade, there has been a reported increase in the percentage of kids suffering from anxiety related disorders. This is due to the apparent increase in competition resulting is over-scheduling of your child during school years. In order to get rid of such issues, sufficient playtime has no parallel.

2. Bringing out the best in your child

Once your child’s mind is relaxed, he will get the scope to build his own world of imagination that can bring out the best in him. Often parents seem to get concerned about their children ‘doing nothing’ in the free time. But this ‘doing nothing’ factor can bring out the creativity or any co-curricular activity that your child may be good at. Let him explore his own world and be supportive by providing him with things like arts and craft supplies, outdoor toys and so on to bring out the best in him.

Encouraging peer-relationships

More playtime will give your child the opportunity to mingle more with his peer group. Not only will this provide fun to your kid but also will develop a healthy peer relationship for him making him learn social and humane qualities like sharing and caring, patience, problem solving etc.

4. Developing a better bonding

Let your kid be a kid even on your busy days. Incorporating some elements of unstructured time like a half-an-hour outing with him or simply a chit-chat with him will allow him to spend quality time with you. This will help him develop a close bonding with family.

5. Making school time enjoyable

During the last decade, there have been frequent reports of school drop outs due to over-scheduling. Having a considerable recess time in schools can make your child’s school time enjoyable. A simple 30-minute recess trip to the playground every day or providing enough art and craft supplies and outdoor toys for kids can make school time happier.

The bottom-line is to let your kid enjoy his playtime in his own way. Remember, a happy kid will always turn out to be a better human being in future!