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Pure born is a well-recognized baby product company that has been serving the industry since 2016, steadfastly sustaining its outstanding line of production of the safest, purest, and most Eco-friendly goods. With the present climatic conditions of Earth, Pure Born has played its part in the effective usage of natural, organic, and environmentally friendly ingredients to create a streamlined selection of baby nappies and wet wipes that protect the well-being of the planet as well as the safety and comfort of the infant. Pure Born uses Bamboo as its main source as Bamboo is fast-growing, sustainable, and easy-to-grow crops that can be cultivated within three to five years, providing higher yields of raw materials. The best thing about bamboo is that it does not need chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow. It has a less environmental impact than other forms of fiber, especially artificial ones. Pure Born is proud to claim that no tree has been destroyed during the manufacture of its products. Only organic and natural formulations are used to create the safest, durable, comfortable, and chemical-free products.