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Diaper Disposal

Why put yourself through the misery of taking your baby’s dirty diapers outside one by one every few hours to dispose of when you can choose from a number of diaper disposal items online? BabyStore offers a range of diaper disposal items including some of the best baby diaper bins and baby diaper bin bags to contain dirty diapers, at highly competitive prices that are hard to pass on. Whether you have become used to the convenience of disposable diapers or you use cloth diapers to lead an environment friendly lifestyle, changing a diaper can be messy especially when you cannot dispose them of right away. It could be due to any reason, you may not want to leave your child unattended or live in a flat where it’s not always easy to take your trash outside. But at the same time, we all know what it means to leave those dirty diapers inside the house. Good thing that you can keep your baby’s dirty diapers contained without having to worry about the bad odor or contamination with a wide variety of baby diaper trash cans available at BabyStore. From disposable nappy sacks to the diaper bins and multipurpose wet pouches, choose from a wide variety of diaper disposing items online at BabyStore to make your life easier. With air tight lids and odor concealers, the diaper bins are ultimate dirty diaper containers. You can store the disposable or reusable diapers in them so you can throw them at the time of your convenience. We ensure that every product featured at our store fulfills the high quality standards so you receive exactly what you see and whatever you order falls right onto your expectations. This high regard for quality and an unmatched service makes BabyStore stand out.
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  1. Diaper Champ - Large Diaper Pail - Silver

    Special Price AED318.42 Regular Price AED599.00
  2. Diaper Champ - Medium Diaper Pail - Silver

    Special Price AED216.60 Regular Price AED499.00
  3. Diaper Champ Regular Silver

    Special Price AED162.80 Regular Price AED399.00
  4. Diaper Champ - Maxi Handsfree Plus Diaper Pail

    Special Price AED571.10 Regular Price AED999.00
  5. Diaper Champ Maxi Handsfree

    Special Price AED479.25 Regular Price AED899.00
  6. Diaper Champ One Maxi

    Special Price AED214.71 Regular Price AED499.00
  7. Diaper Champ Carry One

    Special Price AED303.73 Regular Price AED599.00
  8. Diaper Champ - Standard Handsfree Diaper Pail

    Special Price AED297.06 Regular Price AED599.00
  9. Diaper Champ One Light Green

    Special Price AED146.39 Regular Price AED399.00
  10. Diaper Champ One Old Pink

    Special Price AED146.39 Regular Price AED399.00
  11. Diaper Champ One Silver

    Special Price AED146.39 Regular Price AED399.00
  12. Diaper Champ One White

    Special Price AED146.39 Regular Price AED399.00
  13. Babytrend - Odor Grabber Universal Refill

    Special Price AED13.85 Regular Price AED24.00
  14. Baby Trend - Diaper Champ Deluxe - Teeny-Tiny Taupe

    Special Price AED175.04 Regular Price AED265.00
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Total: 48 Items