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Naty Size 4 Maxi/Maxi Plus Eco Pull on Pants - 8 15kg - 22pcs

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Naty is an Eco-friendly baby diaper brand which only used using bio and plant-based material to manufacture baby diapers. Moreover, these eco-friendly ingredients are totally safe to mild baby skin.

Naty Eco pull on pants maxi/maxi plus-Size 4 is suitable for babies from 8-15kg. Leakage barrier of this baby diaper made of 100% GM free, compostable, corn-based film &. It is watertight but also breaths naturally that resulting in an airier, drier and more comfortable diaper. To make this eco baby nappy no nasty chemicals used. Totally free of Chlorine and TCF) and FSC certified pulp. Not any perfume included. Absorbent core made with 100% certified pulp and it is a super absorbent diaper. The goodness of the baby nappy is certified by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. Soft, cloth-like feel provides a non-bulky fit, enabling your child to move around freely! Sweet printings in the diapers are free of heavy metals and not injurious to baby’s health. These nappies are a brilliant product by Naty brand which comes with ECO ingredients.
  • Naturally Breathable
  • GM Free Corn Based Film
  • Leakage barrier made with 80% bio-based material.
  • The absorbent core is wrapped with 100% certified tissue.
  • Natural and Renewable Material
  • Chlorine and Fragrance Free
  • 22pcs in the pack
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