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From school bags for kids to the water bottles, lunch boxes and sandwich cutters, order everything without having to leave the comfort of your home. While your child deserves the best education, teaching them in their early years and getting them excited for school can be challenging. Only by offering them the right incentives in the form of fun school gadgets such as trolley school bags and backpack themed after famous cartoon characters you can develop the love of learning in them.

Top Brand For School Products

Make learning fun with the most eye catching and trendy kids school supplies in Dubai that are sure to get your kid excited for school. Whether you need to make your kids’ first day at school a memorable one or you are looking for fun learning toys and equipment for kids, our extensive range of school supplies for kids covers everything you need for your child’s early education.

Here at BabyStore, we understand your struggles with children especially if you are a new parent. We established this store with the core purpose of making parenting easy for you. With the help of our highly experienced team who don’t just understand children’s psychology but also have a plenty of experience in raising them, we feature some of the most practical and effective school supplies for you to benefit from. Make a strong foundation of your child that would help them stay ahead in the future.

In order to discover your child’s hidden talents you need to ensure that they are equipped with all the tools they need at school. Regardless if you need the color pencils & paints to groom your little angel’s creative side or notebooks to help them excel in academics, BabyStore is where you would find them all in a variety that’s hard to find anywhere else online or in the market.

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  1. Eazy Kids - Doodle Art & Craft Coloring Wearable Unicorn

    Special Price AED69.00 Regular Price AED99.00
  2. Alameda - Classic Wallet - Red

    Special Price AED65.21 Regular Price AED72.45
  3. Sunveno Red Backpack - Rocket

    Special Price AED65.00 Regular Price AED115.00
  4. Eazy Kids - Diy Doodle Erasable Painting Castle

    Special Price AED61.95 Regular Price AED99.00
  5. Eazy Kids - Diy Doodle Coloring Submarine With Music & Light

    Special Price AED103.95 Regular Price AED149.01
  6. Eazy Kids - Diy Doodle Coloring Giraffe With Music And Light

    Special Price AED40.95 Regular Price AED99.00
  7. Eazy Kids - Diy Doodle Painting Jungle House

    Special Price AED99.00 Regular Price AED149.01
  8. Eazy Kids - Diy Doodle Coloring Elephant With Music & Light

    Special Price AED40.95 Regular Price AED99.00
  9. Eazy Kids - DIY Doodle Coloring Wearable Dinosaur

    Special Price AED79.20 Regular Price AED99.00
  10. Eazy Kids - Unicorn Snack Box World

    Special Price AED15.75 Regular Price AED39.00
  11. Eazy Kids - Unicorn Multi purpose Lunch Bag Sparkle Blue

    Special Price AED30.45 Regular Price AED79.00
  12. Roald Dahl Whizzy Water Bottle

    Special Price AED29.40 Regular Price AED60.38
  13. Scentos Candy Scented Rainbow Pen - Star Wars

    Special Price AED5.51 Regular Price AED11.03
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Total: 15 Items