4 Important Life Skills Every Kid Should Learn


While a formal education is great for your kids, an informal education is also important. This is because a formal education can help them get a good career while informal education such as cooking, gardening and time management will help them live a responsible and efficient life. Teaching your kids life skills from a tender age will keep it deeply rooted in them. This way, when they grow older and find a need for these skills, they can simply start practicing them!

Important life skills you should teach your kids include:

 • Cooking

Eating is essential for growth which makes cooking very important. Luckily, cooking is a skill anyone can learn. You can start teaching by having them to the kitchen while you cook, and asking for their assistance.

When cooking make sure they can see what you are doing. Explain the process to them and tell them what each ingredient is used for. Kids like learning new things so cooking will grab their attention. Outside the kitchen, you can buy kitchen toys for kids so they can prepare imaginary meals. These toys will familiarize them with kitchen tools and equipment. Who knows, you could be breeding the next Chef Gordon Ramsey in your home!

 • Gardening/farming

In these recent times, we hardly have to bother about where our food comes from. We simply walk into the market or the grocery store to buy cooking ingredients or snacks. And most times when taking trips to the store, we take our kids along so all they see are ingredients in a bottle or a bag. This might leave them oblivious to the truth of where food comes from.

Teaching your children how to garden is one great way to show them where food really comes from. If you don’t have a backyard for your garden, you can buy a garden box or use small pots for growing. You can also get pretend play toys online to show them the plant cultivation process.

 • Money management

The percentage of household debts in the Middleeast increases by the day, making it important for everyone to know how to manage money. Teaching your kids money management can keep them out of debts in the future! You can start by lecturing them on the importance of budgeting and taking them shopping so they can see how you spend.

 • Tidiness

Kids who weren’t taught to be tidy might find it hard to themselves and their environments clean in the future. Teaching them to be tidy will go a long way in protecting them from bacteria and disease. In the long run, it will help them build a good reputation and create good first impression on others. Start teaching your kids tidiness by giving them chores and making sure they clean up after themselves.

Teaching your children to garden, cook, clean and manage money will benefit them now and in the future. It will keep them healthy and responsible. To make these lessons easier and more fun, you can get them some pretend play toys online!