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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

7 Indoor Activities That Can Keep Your Child Entertained

Letting your child play outdoors is always a great idea. It contributes to shaping her attitude and perspective on life while helping her become physically fit and strong. But there are times when you can't let her play outdoors - like when it is pouring out there and when it's too hot or cold outside, or maybe when she has the flu. This can be very frustrating for your child. All that your child needs is to be busy all the time while exploring new things. This is where indoor activities and baby toys come in as a saving grace. Here are a few indoor activity ideas that could come in handy to keep your child entertained.

 1. Play-Doh

Children love making a mess. Well, with the Play-Doh clay, she can go creative and messy at the same time. Shaping the clay according to her imagination can keep her entertained for a longer period of time. This also enhances your child's hand-eye coordination, and who knows, she could be an artist in the making.

2. Board Games

When there are two or more children that are way too demanding and noisy, you could give Board Games a try. Buy board games online like Snake and Ladder, chess, monopoly etc and they can keep your children entertained while teaching them about teamwork.

3. Drawing and Painting

Getting your child some colouring books is yet another way of keeping her entertained and developing their artistic instincts. This can help her identify colours and also increase her observation ability. She will soon start observing things way more closely than she ever used to. This will also teach your child to be more patient as she sits there sketching and colouring picture by picture, choosing the right shade of colour while making sure that it is neatly done.

4. Peek-a-boo!

Now this is a commonly used one which is quite easy to plan up. Count from one to ten and your child will hide in no time. Make sure that your child is safe while playing this. Gather up her friends and split them into teams, and they can have a crazy time ahead.

5. Arts and Crafts

This is going to be really interesting for your child. Get her some chart papers, glue, glitters, and a whole lot of artsy stuff. Let her go wild and crazy with her imagination, and she will come up with awesome stuff. You could get tutorials on the Internet on how to make DIY bookmarks, birthday cards, keepsakes, bottles etc. Show your child the tutorial and let her learn a new way of making things every day. These arts and crafts items will keep her entertained while enhancing her creative skills.

6. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is one of the most entertaining indoor games that you can plan for your children to keep them occupied. Hide a special something somewhere, write some clues, prepare surprises all the way and you will see your children taking part with enthusiasm and curiosity. The joy of finally finding the gift at the end of the treasure hunt is going to be priceless. This will enhance your child's logical skills and help her be more observant, vigilant and street-smart.

7. Building Blocks

How can an indoor activity list be complete without Building Blocks? This is something that your child will love and spend more time planning and building. This game can enhance your child's planning abilities and hand-eye-mind coordination. But make sure that the blocks that you buy come with smooth edges as sharp edges can be harmful to your child.

There are plenty of indoor games out there that can help you keep boredom away from your children. Choose the right ones according to the likes, dislikes and capabilities of your child. Whichever you choose, make sure that you appreciate your child and let her know that she is doing a great job. Make sure that you encourage and motivate her to go ahead and be more creative, and your child will amaze you with something amazing! 

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