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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Choosing a Newborn Baby Car seat

Choosing a Newborn Baby Car seat

Car seats are one of the things you need to get before you welcome your baby into the world. However, choosing a newborn baby car seat can be a tedious task to do. There are certain things you would need to consider and look into before you select a baby's car seat. So, without wasting much time below are some of the guides, or better still things to consider before choosing a baby car seat.

Things to consider before choosing a baby car seat

  1. Pick the one that is easy to clean: Given the fact you are going to have a newborn baby, it is expected that the car seat should be neat at all times. It is ideal to go for a car seat with a smooth fabric as it is a lot easier to not just maintain, but also clean.  

  2. Go for a convertible car seat for your baby's comfort:  One thing you should know is that babies grow faster than you think. It might be financially draining to keep buying car seats the moment a baby outgrows it. As you know, a baby can sit in either a convertible car seat or even a rear-facing infant seat.  The reason why a convertible car seat is always recommended is that by buying one, you would invariably be saving cost since it can last through the child's toddlerhood. Also, when it comes to safety, it is relatively safe and that is something not to be negotiated with.

  3. Measure your back seat before you shop: As much as it is always advisable to go through the owner's vehicle manual before buying a newborn baby car seat, it is still expected to have an idea of the size of your back seat. The reason why this is a valid move to take is that you might have a small car and the car seat has a large base. This would not work in any way except you choose to go for the one which has a narrower base. In addition to that, it is always good to have at the back of your mind the number of people or persons that would be seated at the back seat.

  4. Select a tested and approved car seat: Before buying a car seat, it is expected that the car seat has not only been tested but also approved at the same time. There are two different regulations by which a car seat is approved; UNR 129-Size and also the ECE R44. Getting a car seat that meets the requirements cannot be overemphasized. 

A child's safety should always come to play most especially a newborn baby. Car seats are meant to protect them and give them that comfort while you are on the wheel. Getting the right car seat for a newborn baby is always important. This is why we have carefully given out the necessary things you would have to look into before purchasing a car seat for a newborn baby.

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