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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Giving Baths To A Baby And A Toddler Simultaneously

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Having to bathe a baby and a toddler individually can be quite tasking. Now having to bathe them both at the same time? That might seem like a Herculean task, but here’s a guide on how you can go about it.


When you have children close in age like an infant and a toddler, you have to be extra cautious. Both kids require watching and close monitoring. Babies definitely should not be left alone and toddlers too need some monitoring. Having chores to do or tasks to complete with just you and them around requires you taking them everywhere you go. One very tasking thing is having to bathe them both. You wouldn’t want to bathe one and neglect the other when there’s nobody else to keep watch.


Babies, when in a bath, have to be handled with care. They can be slippery and you definitely need your two hands. A way out when you have a baby and toddler to bathe is to make use of bathtubs for infants. You place the infant bathtub which the baby would use in the bathtub while leaving space for your toddler as well. The regular bathtub shouldn’t be filled with too much water. It should have just enough water for the infant bathtub to float and for the toddler to bathe.


You should have everything you need in the bathroom beforehand. While bathing the baby in the infant tub, you should keep an eye on the toddler bathing on the other side of the regular tub. Ensure that the space where you would be staying outside the tub and leaning over is dry, you don’t want to slip. You have to maintain a balanced position on the ground. Also, make sure you can easily reach the toddler from where you are just in case. Make sure that the bathroom floor isn’t wet or slippery. Clear out anything on the floor to avoid slipping or tripping on your way out. Before giving the bath, make sure the bathroom door is closed and maybe locked so that your toddler doesn’t run off before you’re all ready to leave the bathroom.


The fact that you are using a bathtub for infants should not make your attention or focus less. Some parents or caregivers heavily rely on the fact that they are using an infant bathtub and so, don’t give their undivided attention. Many drownings and accidents have occurred with infant bathtubs just because the person giving the bath looked away or was distracted for some seconds. You have to make sure your focus is entirely on both kids, paying extra attention to the baby.


Make sure the water is not too hot, it should be warm, to prevent hot water scalds. Use a bathroom thermometer to check this. Don’t ever add hot water to the tub when the kids are in it. A maximum of 49C is a good temperature to set your water heater to. It is hot enough to kill bacteria in your pipes but cannot inflict third degree burns on your kids.