Why Choosing the Right Stroller isn’t Rocket Science

How to Choose the Perfect Toy for Toddlers


So it's your best friend’s/cousin’s/coworker’s/neighbor's toddler’s birthday and you have no clue about what kind of toy to buy. Pretty much the struggle almost everyone would have gone through at least once in their lifetime. Buying a toy is easy, but choosing the kind of toy that wouldn’t end up being a headache for the parents is a humongous task.


Say for example you get a fancy looking whistle as a gift for the toddler. Imagine the plight of the parents who would end up burying their heads under the pillow when their child decides to blow it and make some music to his/her heart’s content at ungodly hours of the night. Or a sharp-edged toy that is most likely to make a cut on the child’s tender skin. They perhaps would never want to invite you to any birthday parties ever again. So here are a few suggestions for the best toys for kids in UAE to save your day.



1. Wooden Building Blocks.

The hand-eye coordination of a child starts developing between the ages of 1 to 3. Building blocks are not just mere toys to keep the child engaged and entertained. They teach the child to put the blocks of different shapes, sizes and colors together in the best possible way. This helps in the intellectual and logical development of a toddler. But before you buy, make sure that the blocks come with smooth edges to ensure the child a safe playing experience.  


2. Abacus toy

“One, two, three, gibberish, gibberish and TEN!!!”.


This never gets old! Most toddlers start counting excitedly from one and end up being all gibberish until they reach ten. An abacus toy is the best way to teach them how to count. Sliding the beads while saying out the numbers aloud helps in getting the order of the numbers registered in their memory and facilitate quick learning. Gift this and claim all the credit when the child counts from one to ten like a pro.


3. Sorting Clock

“14px needle on 10 and big needle on 6 Mama!” - Been there, done that, all of us! This is how we learned how to check the time on the clock. But well, the good news is that the toy makers have made that easier too. The sorting clock comes with number blocks than can be arranged. It also comes with the hour needle and the minute needle, that helps the child to learn how to check the time. It will take a while for them to understand that time is money but let’s call this the baby step to understanding more such deep stuff!


4. Xylophone/ Toy Drum Set

Getting children used to musical instruments at an early age can evoke a sense of rhythm in them. A xylophone or a toy drum set can create in them an interest for music, and who knows, he/she could be a musician in the making. Let the child go Do Re Mi at an early age with this amazingly promising gift!



5. The ABC Block Cart

Don’t tell me you’ve never come across a parent who says “My toddler already knows his A, B and C”. Well, that’s most likely to be the first proud moment of any parent. ABC block cart is the kind of toy any parent would love having at home. It helps the child rearrange the alphabets order-wise and comes with four wheels, that lets them pull it around like a vehicle.


It goes without saying that most toys may not survive too long in the hands of the terrible twos and troublesome threes. But getting the perfect toy that can get the child hooked on and engaged for a while, as well as contribute to their intellectual growth and character formation is the smartest thing ever. So go ahead and shop for the perfect toy from the best retail or online shop for toys in UAE like a pro.