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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

How to Find Me Time as a Working Mother

How to Find Me Time as a Working Mother

Women who have family to cater for especially babies often find it challenging to merge this immediate responsibility with secular works. As more unfair as it may seem, these ones hardly or never find time to cater for their personal need. How they manage to balance the load on their head can be mysterious but you can count on this article to be a helpful guide towards finding their personal time and still handle their duties patriotically. Here are some useful tips to finding me time as a working mother;

  • Engage other people

Never tag it humiliating seeking people who can always lend hands to ease you of the burden. Make your partner familiar with caring for your kids as that gradually pulls him over the reasoning that women alone care for the kids. When you have relatives around, seize that opportunity to make them assist with some stuffs. Teach your older kids to render helping hands while you're busy with the chores. Assign them works and oversee it “They are meant for housewives" is a sexist comment.

  • Adjust Secular Works

Gets worn out at workplace, rushes down home to care for the kids back from school, does house chores and sleeps late and exhausted. These has been the usual rugged routines of some women and they struggle to scale through the strenuous activity.

       To get over this obviously uncomfortable lifestyle, do well to reduce working hours, take break from work and get home early to provide for your family. Reducing your secular workload indirectly means creating more useful time for yourself.

  • Discover your hobbies

Realize what your hobby is perhaps games and try as much as possible to get yourself doing it.

On average, an individual always unwinds by doing what he or she loves doing most as this gets them refreshed even when they are kind of exhausted. Involve your partner and the kids probably than older ones in the fun and make a family time out of it. You will find this really helpful in your quest to strike a balance between family life and personal life.

  • Be the first on your agenda

The need to be conscious of your wellbeing can never be overemphasized in this context. Take your time to satisfy yourself before any other thing. This doesn't mean you're non-chalant or having indifferent attitude toward the welfare of your family, it is simply the order of priority. Do not fail to understand that first things should always be done first. Only a healthy mother can boast of serving her family responsibly and exerting herself to satisfy their needs to her possible best. So working mothers do well to cater for thier physical,mental,social and emotional wellbeing before looking out for the Interest of their family. Never feel indebted to them but do your best as a caring mother and loving wife.

  • Your me time in every minute

Does trying to apply some of these tips seem difficult? Then your me time is in your all-time activity. Learn to involve the pleasurable things you will prefer doing while less engaged in your work. Do you enjoy listening to music while free? Get some fun with music while on your secular work. Or perhaps taking a glass of drink is your thing while alone without works, stop occasionally to take sips and be refreshed. By so doing you'll likely not get worn out from work and you'll gain a sense of belonging as regards your personal time.

Gaining your me time shouldn't be a problem any longer. Get the best out of your time and make good use of every opportunity. Make yourself available for your family and carry everyone along while you pick up on your hobby. Your me time is essential, try as much as possible to have it for yourself.











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