How your kids can stay connected with family during the lockdown?

Not been able to go out and spend time with friends and family is the hardest thing during this lockdown. Parents are struggling to keep up with the bills and ease the tension at home; kids are bored out of their minds. As they try to keep them connected to their school, friends, and other extra curriculum activities, it is essential to keep them connected to family too. Let them interact with grandpas and grandmas, uncles, and aunties and relatives.

What creative ways can you employ to ensure kids do not feel distanced despite the social distancing?

Drive Your Parent’s House

If your parents live close by, you can take a walk with the kids or drive to their place of residence. Although the regular hugs and kisses are not going to happen, it will put a smile on their faces. Now that the testing is ramped up, they can visit, share a meal, talk while observing the social distancing rule.


Get Lots of Books

Most book stores are opened and functional despite the lockdown. Getting reading books for kids is an excellent way to help them stay connected with the outside world. You can also get puzzles and books that allow them to exercise their brains before school resumes.


Create Family Meeting Time

Whether via the various social media platforms or apps, children can easily connect with their loved ones. You can also use other platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp video call, Google video, and Houseparty to connect to more people during family time.


Family Game Time

Whether it is a puzzle, reading a book, or indulging in other interactive games, family game time is a fabulous way for kids to stay connected with one another. If your child is an only child, spend more time with them doing activities they like. This will keep them happy and eliminate the feeling of isolation.


Exercise Time

There are plenty of creative ways to do this. You can connect with online animation workout sessions. This will encourage the kids to partake but also have fun. Remember to join in too; it is a great way to stay fit for the whole family.


Have Communication Time

The lockdown has a mental impact on kids, and it is especially tough if the kid is an introvert. Set out one day in the week as a communication day. You can begin the conversation by asking how they feel about the current situation.

Inquire about their wellbeing, friends, school, and other things of interest. Remember, it is a dialogue session, do not get offended or refuse to answer their questions.


Have a Chore Timetable

Let everyone participate in keeping the home clean and running smoothly. If you work from home, assign chores to each one of them before you start working. This will give everyone a sense of responsibility and individuality in the house.


The pandemic has changed the way we interact and do things, parents want their kids to be safe but also stay connected with those relevant in their life. These are simple ways to get that done without breaking the bank.